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DiedJune 8, 1876, Nohant-Vic, France
SpouseCasimir Dudevant
FactDied in 1876, with daughter Solange next to her.

George Sand was a French novelist and memoirist who is considered one of the most important authors of the Romantic era. She is best known for her novels Indiana and The Count of Monte Cristo, as well as her memoir A Winter in Majorca.

George Sand was born on July 1, 1804, in Paris, France. Her parents were Baronne Antoinette-Catherine-Aurore Dupin de Francueil and Maurice Dupin de Francueil. She had two older brothers, Maurice and Hippolyte. Sand was educated at home by her mother and governesses. When she was 18, she married Casimir Dudevant, a French army officer. The couple had two children, Maurice and Solange.

Sand began her literary career in the 1830s with a series of semi-autobiographical novels about her life as a young mother and wife. These novels were popular with both critics and the public. In 1838, she published Indiana, a novel about a woman who leaves her husband and children to pursue her true love. The novel was controversial for its time, but it cemented Sand’s reputation as a major author.

In 1845, Sand divorced Dudevant and began a relationship with the writer Alfred de Musset. The couple traveled extensively throughout Europe, and their relationship was tumultuous. They eventually broke up, but remained friends.

In 1851, Sand published The Count of Monte Cristo, a novel about an unjustly imprisoned man who escapes and takes revenge on his enemies. The novel was an instant bestseller and is still popular today.

In 1864, Sand began a relationship with the Polish composer Chopin. The couple spent several winters together on the island of Majorca. Chopin’s health declined during this time, and he died in 1849. Sand was devastated by his death.

In the 1850s and 1860s, Sand wrote a series of political novels about the struggles of the working class. These novels were not as popular as her earlier work, but they solidified her reputation as a committed social reformer.

George Sand died on June 8, 1876, in Nohant, France. She was 71 years old.

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Full NameGeorge Sand
DiedJune 8, 1876, Nohant-Vic, France
ProfessionJournalist, Playwright, Novelist, Memoirist, Political writer


SpouseCasimir Dudevant
ChildrenMaurice Sand, Solange Sand
ParentsMaurice Dupin de Francueil, Sophie-Victorie Delaborde


MoviesRed Wing, Fadette, Fanchon the Cricket, Leoni Leo

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1On imagination: Genius, whether locked up in a cell or roaming at large, is always solitary.
2On time: As soon as life becomes bearable we stop analyzing it. A tranquil day is spoiled by being examined.
3On growth: One changes from day to day...every few years one becomes a new being.
4On strategy: You live. No use asking whether life will bring you pleasure or unhappiness, whether it will prove a blessing or a curse. Who could answer these questions? You live, you breathe.
5Happiness lies in the consciousness we have of it.
6Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.


1In 1833 she met Prosper Mérimée. She was close friends with famous couple Franz Liszt and Countess Marie d'Agoult (writer). She was friends with her publisher François Buloz, musician Pauline Viardot, future emperor Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoléon III) writers Planche, Sainte-Beuve, Honoré de Balzac, Stendhal, Alphonse de Lamartine, Gustave Flaubert, Alexandre Dumas fils, 'Ivan Turgenev" and Théophile Gauthier.
2Died in 1876, with daughter Solange next to her.
3In 1869 Lina Calamatta dies. Sand will bring up Lolo and Gabrielle. They will be a great source of happiness.
4Granddaughter Aurore "Lolo" Dudevand-Sand born in 1966. Two years later granddaughter Gabrielle Dudevant-Sand born.
5In 1863 her grandson, Marc-Antoine Dudevand-Sand, was born. He died the following year.
6In 1862 Maurice marries Lina Calamatta, daughter of Luigi Calamatta (an engraver and a friend of Sand)'s daughter).
7In 1853 her daughter left her husband. The following year they fought for custody of their daughter, Jeanne. The child was left in the custody of Sand, but Jeanne's father refused to let the child go.
8From 1859 to 1975 she lived with engraver Alexandre Manceau, until his death.
9First granddaughter Jeanne "Nizi" Clesinger born in 1849.
10In 1847 her daughter Solange, with whom she was already on bad terms, married sculptor Auguste Clésinger.
11In 1840 her son, Maurice Dudevant-Sand chose an artistic path and became the student of renowned French painter Édouard Delacroix and produced some books of drawings.
12From 1838-1846 she lived with (and without for periods) composer Frédéric Chopin.
13From 1835 to 1836 she had an affair with a lawyer, Michel de Bourges. He helped her to legally separate from her husband and keep custody of the children.
14Became interested in the theater in 1833 due to her association with famous actress Marie Dorval.
15From 1831-1833 she lived in Paris and met young author Jules Sandeau. She started writing with him. She chose "George Sand" as a pseudonym for her solo career. After two years, they broke up.
16In 1830 she split with her husband, Baron Dudevant, whom was obliged to wed and never loved.
17Sixth child, daughter Solange Dudevant, born 1828.
18Son Maurice Dudevant born in 1982.
19As Baroness Dudevant, she politically fought for her republican and socialist ideals (notably during the Empire period).
20After her grandmother's death in 1822, she left boarding school and her mother, Sophie-Victoire Delaborde, married her to Baron Dudevant.
21Sand's refuge was the place she grew up and spent the most of her life: Nohant's castle, in Berry, in the French countryside.
22Her father, Maurice Dupin, died when she was four years old. Her mother left and Sand was brought up by her grandmother, noblewoman Mme Dupin de Francueil at Nohant.
23First well-known female French writer. Her books include "Lélia", "Simon", "Mattéo", "La Mare au Diable", "Consuelo", "François le Champi", "La petite Fadette" and "Elle et Lui" (about the love she shared with Alfred de Musset). A romantic writer who enjoyed writing about nature and country life.



Red Wing2013based on The Country Waif François le Champi by
La petite Fadette2004TV Movie based on the novel by
Les amours romantiques1984TV Series novel - 1 episode
La ville noire1981TV Movie novel
Les maîtres sonneurs1980TV Movie novel
La petite Fadette1979TV Movie novel
Ces beaux messieurs de Bois-Doré1976TV Mini-Series novel "Les Beaux Messieurs de Bois-Doré" - 1976
François le Champi1976TV Movie novel
La mare au diable1972TV Movie novel
Mauprat1972TV Movie novel
Indiana1966TV Movie novel
Your Show Time1949TV Series story - 1 episode
Die lachende Grille1926novel
La mare au diable1923novel "La mare au diable"
Leoni Leo1917novel
The Twelfth Hour1915Short story
Fanchon, the Cricket1915novel "La Petite Fadette"
Fanchon the Cricket1912Short novel "La Petit Fadette"

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