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Net Worth$2.5 million
Date Of BirthJuly 29, 1972
SpouseAnne Wheaton
FactHe is an active member of the Propeller social news site, where he is a Scout.

Wil Wheaton is an American actor, blogger, and writer. He is best known for his portrayals of Wesley Crusher on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gordie Lachance in the film Stand by Me, Joey Trotta in Toy Soldiers and as himself in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. He has also appeared in numerous other television series and films.

Wheaton was born July 29, 1972, in Burbank, California, to Debra Nordean “Debbie” (née Rankin), an actress, and Richard William Wheaton III, a medical specialist. He has a sister, Amy. His parents divorced when he was nine years old.

Wheaton was educated at Sun Valley Middle School and graduated from Burbank High School in 1990. He attended Los Angeles Valley College but dropped out after one semester to pursue acting full-time.

Wheaton’s first acting role was in an episode of the police drama CHiPs in 1977. He later had a recurring role on the television series The Waltons from 1981 to 1982. In 1984, he played Gordie Lachance in Rob Reiner’s film Stand by Me.

Wheaton’s career took off in 1987 when he was cast as Wesley Crusher on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. He appeared in the show for four seasons and also had a recurring role in the animated series Star Trek: The Animated Series.

After Star Trek: The Next Generation ended in 1994, Wheaton had roles in a number of television series and films, including the 1995 made-for-TV movie A Mother’s Prayer with Lindsay Wagner and the 1996 film The First Wives Club with Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, and Diane Keaton.

In 1997, Wheaton made his directorial debut with the short film Just A Geek. He has since directed episodes of the television series Leverage and The Guild.

In 1999, Wheaton had a recurring role as himself on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. He has appeared in a total of eleven episodes of the show.

Wheaton has been married twice. His first marriage was to Anne Prince from 1999 to 2007. They have two sons together: Wesley Graham (born 2000) and Jeremy Richard (born 2002). Wheaton married his second wife, actress Marcy Blum, in July 2017.

Wheaton has a net worth of $5 million. He earns a salary of $100 thousand per episode of The Big Bang Theory.

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Full NameWil Wheaton
Net Worth$2.5 million
Date Of BirthJuly 29, 1972
Height1.8 m
ProfessionScreenwriter, Television producer, Voice Actor
EducationUniversity of California, Los Angeles


SpouseAnne Wheaton
ChildrenRyan Wheaton, Nolan Wheaton
ParentsRichard William Wheaton, Jr., Debbie Wheaton
SiblingsAmy Wheaton, Jeremy Wheaton


MoviesStand by Me, Toy Soldiers, Flubber, Star Trek Nemesis, The Secret of NIMH, The Last Starfighter, The Liars' Club, Curse, Americanizing Shelley, Mr. Stitch, Deep Core, Jane White Is Sick & Twisted, The Buddy System, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Fag Hag, Fish Don't Blink, Pie in the Sky, Book of Days, T...
TV ShowsStar Trek: The Next Generation, TableTop, The Wil Wheaton Project, Eureka, The Guild, Ben 10: Alien Force, Legion of Super Heroes, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Redakai: Conquer the Kairu, Guys Like Us, Random! Cartoons, Monsters, Arena, 100 Greatest Kid Stars, I Love the New Millennium, Gun, Chicken Soup...

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1When I saw Galaxy Quest (1999), I remembered how much fun I used to have at conventions, and I missed it. I missed the interaction with the fans. I missed the chance to tell stories about my life on TNG... but mostly, I missed the sex. The hot, Klingon-forehead-wearing fansex.
2I loved Galaxy Quest (1999). I thought it was brilliant satire, not only of Trek, but of fandom in general. The only thing I wish they had done was cast me in it, and have me play a freaky fanboy who keeps screaming at the actor who played "the kid" about how awful it was that there was a kid on the spaceship. Alas.
3[From blog posting about a "Shark Week" show, August 2013] Discovery Channel betrayed [its audience's] trust during its biggest viewing week of the year. Discovery Channel isn't run by stupid people, and this was not some kind of a mistake. Someone made a deliberate choice to present a work of fiction that is more suited for the Syfy channel as a truthful and factual documentary. That is disgusting.
4I would love to find myself in a position where I have to decide, "Gosh, do I want to be on a series?".
5I've done a lot of geeky things in my life, but I think the geekiest of all was my first effort to build props and cosplay, when I was about twelve years-old.
6My wife is the most awesome person in the universe. She's made this experience much less miserable for me, with her compassion, patience and understanding.
7Some ISPs are blocking all BitTorrent traffic, because BitTorrent can be used to share files in a piratical way. Hollywood lobbying groups are trying to pass laws which would force ISPs to block or degrade BitTorrent traffic, too. Personally, I think this is like closing down freeways because a bank robber could use them to get away.
8When you get a group of kids together, especially boys, the psychology of those kids requires that they find a weak kid or a sensitive kid or a soft kid.
9One of the things that drives me crazy is the belief in Hollywood that bittorrent exists solely for stealing things.
10People who don't want to give a creator money are never going to give a creator money.
11When you say a 'former child star', you may as well say 'failed child star'.
12Even when I was little and going on auditions, it was clear who was there because they wanted to be there, and who was there because their stage parents were making them be there. There was a major difference.
13I guess I'm up to about 70% of normal, which is a real relief. My doctor gave me clearance to go out in public again, so I've been able to go to the store and help out a little bit around the house.
14I spent a lot of my childhood not fitting in, in a lot of different ways.
15If the world were a bar, America would currently be the angry drunk waving around a loaded gun. Yeah, the other people in the bar may be afraid of him, but they sure as hell don't respect him.
16Even when I was little, people would always ask me if I wanted to be a movie star, and I would always say, "No, I just want to be an actor."
17I was obsessed with Ghostbusters (1984).
18[on his frequent appearances on The Big Bang Theory (2007) as "himself"] I'm not really a jerk but I have fun playing one.
19Fun fact: I hate dancing. It makes me feel self conscious, stupid, uncoordinated, and like a complete idiot. Because I don't particularly enjoy feeling that way, I probably dance once a year, to only one song, and only to make Anne happy when she wants to dance with her husband at whatever thing we've gone to where they have organized dancing.
20[on the death of Majel Barrett Roddenberry, December 19, 2008] We always had fun when we were working on Next Generation, but when Majel was on the set, it was a party.
21(On his teenage years) I was such a geek that if I could go back in time, I would kick my own ass.
22[Interview magazine, 2005] I am a huge geek. And Star Trek was a haven for geeks.


1Endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election of the United States.
2Wil's maternal grandmother, Norma Aleene Farrington, was born in Colón, Panama. Norma's father, Edwin Flavel Kortright Farrington, had English and French ancestry. Norma's mother, Wil's matrilineal great-grandmother Daphne Silvera, was born in Kingston, Jamaica, to Sephardi Jewish parents, Theodore Silvera and Deborah Pretto. Wil's other ancestry is English, German, Irish and Welsh.
3Terminated his deal with publisher O'Reilly & Associates (2004).
4Signed a 3-book deal with publisher O'Reilly & Associates for books "Dancing Barefoot", "Just a Geek" (expected spring 2004) and "Wil Wheaton's Web Design" (expected summer 2004). [December 2003]
5Growing up, he was a huge fan of the original Star Trek (1966) series.
6Maintains the active, one of the most frequented fansites on the Internet.
7His first major film role was as a child playing Gordie LaChance in Stand by Me (1986), before taking the role of Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987). He later returned to the Star Trek franchise by lending his voice to Star Trek (2009). This film featured Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov. Not only are the characters similar, but Yelchin's career parallels that of Wheaton's in another way: he too got his first big role as a child in Hearts in Atlantis (2001), which was also based on a Stephen King story.
8Is the first Star Trek actor and the only cast member of Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) to be born after the franchise had begun.
9Recently designed/created a tee for the one-item-a-day-sale spin-off of, It is entitled "How We Roll".
10In 1988, Wil Power was the name of his Nickelodeon-based club for all Trek and non-Trek fans.
11He is an active member of the Propeller social news site, where he is a Scout.
12Was one of the first bloggers and is an avid, active homebrewer.
13Was number 62 on VH1's The Greatest: 100 Greatest Kid Stars (2005).
14According to Wheaton's book "Just a Geek", several of his Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) castmates, including Jonathan Frakes, nicknamed (and still call) him Teen Idol, while Brent Spiner calls him Miltie.
15Regained a decent measure of fame after launching his own website,, which led to a number of voice acting roles and a new career as a blogger and an author--he has written three memoirs; "Dancing Barefoot" (Monolith Press - 2003), "Just a Geek" (O'Reilly Media - 2004) and "The Happiest Days of Our Lives" (Monolith Press - 2007). All three books are based on his blog.
16Has played as part of the team in the 2005 World Series of Poker.
17He is a posting member of the internet communities Slashdot ( and Reddit ( He does interviews on a regular basis and participates in discussion. He also answers private messages.
18Wil is a life-long fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, and he is also an avid player of video games, which lead to his voice-over role in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004).
19Was once a celebrity spokesman for NewTek company, after leaving Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987).
20He and wife, Anne, have two sons, Nolan and Ryan Wheaton, from her previous marriage. They live in Los Angeles, California.
21He said a few lines on Chunky A's (Arsenio Hall's) song "Dope, the Big Lie", which appears on the Chunky A album "Large and in Charge".
22Loves hockey, magic, juggling, plays golf and plays guitar.
23Wil's first big break in acting was opposite Bill Cosby in a Jell-O Pudding Pops commercial.
24Family: parents, Rick and Debbie; younger siblings, Jeremy Wheaton, Amy Wheaton.




Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return2017TV SeriesDrake
Fantasy Hospital2016TV SeriesThe High Wizard
Dark Matter2015-2016TV SeriesAlexander Rook
Powers2016TV SeriesConrad Moody
The Big Bang Theory2009-2016TV SeriesWil Wheaton
Miles from Tomorrowland2015TV SeriesCommander S'Leet
Con Man2015TV SeriesOfficer Cahoots / Man on Plane
Critical Role2015TV SeriesThorbir
Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana2015TV SeriesGame Master
Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.2015Video GameAbraham Lincoln (voice)
Teen Titans Go!2014-2015TV SeriesAqualad
There Came an Echo2015Video GameCorrin (voice)
Ben 10: Omniverse2014TV SeriesDarkstar Mike Morningstar Dante
Robot Chicken2014TV SeriesDr. Doom Centaur Handy Smurf
Sharknado 2: The Second One2014TV MovieAirplane Passenger (uncredited)
Broken Age2014Video GameCurtis The Lumberjack (voice)
Grand Theft Auto V2013Video GameThe Local Population (voice)
Generator Rex2012-2013TV SeriesDr. Peter Meechum
Eureka2010-2012TV SeriesIsaac Parrish
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien2010-2012TV SeriesMike Morningstar Darkstar
RedaKai2011-2012TV SeriesMaster Quantus
Leverage2009-2012TV SeriesColin Mason
The Guild2009-2011TV SeriesFawkes
DC Universe Online2011Video GameRobin (voice)
Robot Astronomy Talk Show2010TV Series shortThe Physician
Fallout: New Vegas2010Video GameRobobrains / Super-Ego - Old World Blues DLC / X-8 Robobrain - Old World Blues DLC (voice)
Loki and SageKing Go to GenCon2010ShortEvil Wil Wheaton
Acquisitions Incorporated : PAX Prime 2010 D&D Game2010VideoAeofel
Batman: The Brave and the Bold2009-2010TV SeriesTed Kord Silver Age Blue Beetle
Family Guy2009-2010TV SeriesAnti-Abortion Activist Wil Wheaton
Kidô senshi Gandamu Yunikôn: Yunikôn no hi2010VideoAaron Terzieff (English version, voice)
Ben 10: Alien Force2008-2009TV SeriesMike Morningstar Darkstar
Ben 10: Alien Force - Vilgax Attacks2009Video GameDarkstar (voice)
Brütal Legend2009Video GameWatt-R-Boys (voice)
Kurokami: The Animation2009TV SeriesYakumo
Star Trek2009Romulan (voice, uncredited)
Sureiyâzu evolution-R2009TV SeriesHans
Criminal Minds2008TV SeriesFloyd Hansen
Grand Theft Auto IV2008Video GameAlien (voice)
Legion of Super Heroes2007-2008TV SeriesCosmic Boy / Roderick Doyle / Human Scientist
Numb3rs2007TV SeriesMiles Sklar
Gekijô-ban Naruto shippûden2007Taruho / Shizuku (English version, voice)
PvP: The Animated Series2007TV Series
Americanizing Shelley2007Director Alan Smithee
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 22007Video Game voice
Random! Cartoons2007TV SeriesKyle / Sir Horace
Naruto2006TV SeriesMenma
Avatar: The Last Airbender2006TV Series
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories2006Video GameRichard Burns - VCFL Caller (voice, uncredited)
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories2005Video GameRichard Burns (voice)
Teen Titans2003-2005TV SeriesAqualad / Computer Geek
Rainbow Six: Lockdown2005Video Game voice
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation2005TV SeriesWalter
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!2005TV SeriesSkurg
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter2005Video Game voice
Ghost Recon 22004Video Game voice
EverQuest II2004Video GameFestus Septimus Overseer Zerrin Merchant William ... (voice)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas2004Video GameRichard Burns - Talk Radio (voice, uncredited)
Every Little Something by Dave2004Video'Evil' Wil Wheaton (voice)
Neverland2003/IJohn Darling
Book of Days2003TV MovieDanny
Star Trek: Nemesis2002Wesley Crusher
Arena2002TV SeriesCo-host (2002)
The Zeta Project2002TV SeriesKevin
Fish Don't Blink2002Jimmy (as Will Wheaton)
Biography2002TV Series documentaryNarrator
Jane White Is Sick & Twisted2002Dick Smith
The Good Things2001ShortZach Means
Twice in a Lifetime2001TV SeriesRyan Storey / Dr. Thomas
The Invisible Man2001TV SeriesDorman
Python2000TV MovieTommy
Deep Core2000Rodney Bedecker
The Girls' Room2000Charlie
Chicken Soup for the Soul1999TV SeriesWill
Foreign Correspondents1999Jonas
Guys Like Us1999TV SeriesSteve / The Fig
Diagnosis Murder1998TV SeriesForest Ranger Gary Barton
Fag Hag1998Christian Bookstore Manager
Love Boat: The Next Wave1998TV SeriesTristan Reedy
The Day Lincoln Was Shot1998TV MovieRobert Todd Lincoln
Tales of Glamour and Excess1997Danny Sugerman
Flubber1997Bennett Hoenicker
Perversions of Science1997TV SeriesBryan
Gun1997TV SeriesBilchick
Boys Night Out1996ShortMarco
The Outer Limits1996TV SeriesCadet
Pie in the Sky1996Jack
It Was Him or Us1995TV MovieScottie
Mr. Stitch1995TV MovieLazarus
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Star Trek: The Next Generation1987-1994TV SeriesWesley Crusher Ensign Wesley Crusher Lieutenant Wesley Crusher
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Lifestories: Families in Crisis1992TV SeriesRobert Bierer
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Toy Soldiers1991Joey Trotta
Monsters1990TV SeriesKevin
ABC Afterschool Specials1989TV SeriesNick Karpinsky
The Man Who Fell to Earth1987TV MovieBilly Milton
The Curse1987Zack (as Will Wheaton)
Family Ties1987TV SeriesTimothy Higgins
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1987TV SeriesEhrich Weiss Young Harry Houdini
St. Elsewhere1986TV SeriesOwen Drimmer
Stand by Me1986Gordie Lachance
Long Time Gone1986TV MovieMitchell
The Defiant Ones1986TV MovieClyde
Ben E. King: Stand by Me1986Video shortWil Wheaton
Highway to Heaven1985TV SeriesMax
The Last Starfighter1984Louis' Friend
The Buddy System1984Tim
13 Thirteenth Avenue1983TV MovieWillie
Hambone and Hillie1983Jeff Radcliffe
The Secret of NIMH1982Martin (voice)
CBS Afternoon Playhouse1982TV SeriesAmos Cotter
A Long Way Home1981TV MovieDonald Branch (8)


TableTop2012-2015TV Series creator - 58 episodes
Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana2015TV Series storyline writer - 10 episodes
Arena2002TV Series


TableTop2012-2015TV Series executive producer - 56 episodes
Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana2015TV Series executive producer - 10 episodes
The Wil Wheaton Project2014TV Series producer - 1 episode


The Big Bang Theory2012TV Series performer - 1 episode
Stand by Me1986performer: "The Ballad of Paladin"


Traceroute2016Documentary special thanks
Walking the Tracks: The Summer of Stand by Me2000Video documentary short special thanks


Bill Nye Saves the World2017TV SeriesHimself
TableTop2012-2017TV SeriesHimself - Host
@midnight2014-2017TV SeriesHimself / Himself - Contestant
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - World Premiere2016TV MovieHimself - Actor, Fantasy Hospital
Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously2016DocumentaryHimself
Enter the Battlefield: Life on the Magic - The Gathering Pro Tour2016DocumentaryNarrator (voice)
Harmontown2015TV SeriesHimself
Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana2015TV SeriesHimself
Co-optitude2015TV SeriesHimself
Tweet Out2015TV SeriesHimself
Project for Awesome 20142014TV MovieHimself
Larry King Now2014TV SeriesHimself - Host / Himself - Guest
The Wil Wheaton Project2014TV SeriesHimself - Host
Video Games: The Movie2014DocumentaryHimself
Last Call with Carson Daly2014TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Orphan Black: The Cloneversation2014TV MovieHimself - Host
To Be Takei2014DocumentaryHimself
Project for Awesome 20132013TV SpecialHimself
Gen Con: Tres Geek!2013Documentary shortHimself
Con Artists2013DocumentaryHimself
Relativity: The Family Saga of Star Trek - The Next Generation2013Documentary
City Walk2013TV Series documentary
City Walk: Every City Is a Living Body2013TV Series documentary
Resistance Is Futile: Assimilating Star Trek -The Next Generation2013DocumentaryHimself
Making It So: Continuing Star Trek - The Next Generation2012Video documentaryHimself
Reunification: 25 Years After Star Trek - The Next Generation2012Video documentaryHimself
Talking Dead2012TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Chris Hardwick's All-Star Celebrity Bowling2012TV SeriesHimself
Falling Skies: 2nd Watch2012TV Movie documentaryHimself
Stardate Revisited: The Origin of Star Trek - The Next Generation2012DocumentaryHimself
The Flog2012TV SeriesHimself
SGNL by Sony2012TV SeriesHimself
Geek DIY2012TV SeriesHimself
The Nerdist: End of the Year Special2011TV SpecialHimself
The Nerdist: Year in Review2011TV SpecialHimself
Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts2011DocumentaryHimself
Underground Entertainment: The Movie2011DocumentaryScapegoat #1
Weekend Today2011TV SeriesHimself
Stand by Me 25 Years Later: A Picture-in-Picture Commentary Retrospective2011VideoHimself
Spaceship Spitzer: Bots of Both Worlds2010ShortHimself / Robot Irwin (voice)
Trek Nation2010DocumentaryHimself
Vlogbrothers2010TV Series documentaryHimself
Penny Arcade: The Series2009-2010TV Series documentaryHimself
I Love the New Millennium2008TV Mini-SeriesHimself
Greatest Ever 80s Movies2007TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Next Generation's Legacy: 20072007Video documentary shortHimself - Host
Child Star Confidential2006TV Series documentary
I Love Toys2006TV Series documentaryHimself
I Love the Holidays2005TV Special documentaryHimself
I Love the 80's 3-D2005TV Series documentaryHimself
The Child Star Jinx2005TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Greatest2005TV Series documentaryHimself
World Poker Tour2005TV SeriesHimself
My Coolest Years2004TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself (Geeks)
Call for Help2004TV SeriesHimself - Guest Host
Favorite Stars: Then & Now2003TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Screen Savers2002-2003TV SeriesHimself - Co-Host / Himself
Four Fingers of the Dragon2003ShortHimself
Beat the Geeks2002TV SeriesHimself
America Loves... Star Trek2001TV Movie documentaryHimself
Weakest Link2001TV SeriesHimself
Walking the Tracks: The Summer of Stand by Me2000Video documentary shortHimself / Gordie Lachance
The Directors1999TV Series documentaryHimself
2nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards1996TV SpecialHimself
The All New Mickey Mouse Club1992TV SeriesHimself
Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special1991TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Arsenio Hall Show1989-1991TV SeriesHimself
Teen Win, Lose or Draw1989TV SeriesHimself
1989 Kids' Choice Awards1989TV SpecialHimself - Host
Family Double Dare1988TV SeriesHimself
She's Having a Baby1988Himself (uncredited)
Hour Magazine1987TV SeriesHimself

Archive Footage

The Drunken Peasants2015-2016TV SeriesWesley Crusher / Himself
Vlogbrothers2008-2014TV Series documentaryHimself / Wesley Crusher
Too Young to Die2012TV Series documentary
How William Shatner Changed the World2005TV Movie documentaryWesley Crusher
Biography2000-2005TV Series documentaryGordie Lachance
Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion1999Video GameWesley Crusher
Star Trek: The Next Generation1989TV SeriesWesley Crusher


Won Awards

2014IAWTV AwardInternational Academy of Web Television AwardsBest Host (Pre-Recorded)TableTop (2012)
2014IAWTV AwardInternational Academy of Web Television AwardsBest Hosted Series (Pre-Recorded)TableTop (2012)
2002Best ActorMelbourne Underground Film FestivalJane White Is Sick & Twisted (2002)
1989Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Young Actor in a Family Syndicated ShowStar Trek: The Next Generation (1987)
1987Jackie Coogan AwardYoung Artist AwardsStand by Me (1986)

Nominated Awards

2010Streamy AwardThe Streamy AwardsBest Guest Star in a Web SeriesThe Guild (2007)
1992Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsOutstanding Young Ensemble Cast in a Motion PictureToy Soldiers (1991)
1990Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Young Actor in an Off-Primetime Family SeriesStar Trek: The Next Generation (1987)
1988Young Artist AwardYoung Artist AwardsBest Young Actor Starring in a Television Drama SeriesStar Trek: The Next Generation (1987)

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