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Net Worth$15 Million
Date Of BirthApril 23, 1939
SpouseFaith Majors, Karen Velez, Farrah Fawcett, Kathy Robinson
FactHis hometown is Middlesboro, Kentucky.
PaymentsEarned $50,000 per episode (equivalent to $240,000 in 2014) from The Six Million Dollar Man (1974)

Lee Majors is an American actor, best known for his roles in The Big Valley, The Fall Guy, and The Six Million Dollar Man. He was born on April 23, 1939, in Wyandotte, Michigan, the son of Carl and Alice Majors. His father was a steelworker and his mother was a homemaker. He has two sisters, Carol and Linda. He attended Wayne State University and the University of Kentucky, where he played football. He began his acting career in 1964, with a guest appearance on the television series The Virginian. He has since appeared in numerous television shows and movies. He is married to actress Faith Hill. They have two daughters, Lily and Ruby.

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Full NameLee Majors
Net Worth$15 Million
Date Of BirthApril 23, 1939
Height1.83 m
ProfessionTelevision producer, Film producer, Voice Actor
EducationEastern Kentucky University, Middlesboro High School, Indiana University Bloomington


SpouseFaith Majors, Karen Velez, Farrah Fawcett, Kathy Robinson
ChildrenNikki Majors, Dane Luke Majors, Lee Majors II, Trey Kulley Majors
ParentsCarl Yeary, Alice Yeary
SiblingsBill Yeary


AwardsTV Land Superest Super Hero Award
Music GroupsThe Regime
NominationsGolden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama, People's Choice Award for Favorite Actor in a New TV Series
MoviesOut Cold, The Last Chase, Big Fat Liar, Do You Believe?, Will Penny, Killer Fish, The Norseman, The Brothers Solomon, The Ballad of Andy Crocker, When I Find the Ocean, High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane, Trojan War, The Liberation of L.B. Jones, The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and...
TV ShowsThe Big Valley, The Virginian, Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Fall Guy, Tour of Duty, Raven, Alfred Hitchcock Hour, Too Much Sun

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The Six Million Dollar Man (1974)$50,000 per episode (equivalent to $240,000 in 2014)


1[About his recollections he had with Barbara Stanwyck]: Well, she was very tough - very tough. Off screen, she would call me Heath, and Linda Evans was Audra [our characters' names]. I remember when we finished the show, I knew to be on time. When we finished the show, we were meeting her for lunch or dinner at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. I'm sitting there by myself, 12:30. She comes in at 12:31. Barbara sits down. I'm there. Five minutes later, here comes Linda. She looks up and says, 'Audra, you're late.' Five minutes: 'Audra, you're late.' It's like, Didn't I teach you better?" I've learned that, and I've never forgotten it. I have been on time for everything, all my life.
2[on learning from Barbara Stanwyck] She was okay with me, took me under her wing, and taught me discipline. She was always supportive of me. The lessons I learned from Stanwyck were be on time and know your words. She made me a disciplined actor all my life. The discipline made me ten minutes early for everything.
3[in 1967] Actually my accent isn't really Southern. It's more mountaineer or hillbilly.
4[on Elizabeth Taylor (1967)] My greatest thrill in the three years I've been in Hollywood was the night I went to the screening of King Rat (1965) and the party after, that Elizabeth and Richard Burton gave for George Segal. Everybody was there, Julie Andrews, Sean Connery, Lana Turner; I was like a fan. There were three big booths in the restaurant, and I was sitting in the one next to where the Burtons were sitting. Later in the evening she was standing next to me. I asked her if I could kiss her on the cheek and she said he wouldn't like it. But then she changed her mind, and gave me one.
5[on learning to ride and calf rope for The Big Valley (1965)] I hustled up about a hundred dollars and went out and bought a horse. I became friends with a great calf roper, just a little bitty guy. He was the world champion trick roper. I used to go out to his place all the time, and he taught me how to trick-rope calves.
6[on The Big Valley (1965)] I remember when I first moved to Hollywood, how I used to sit on my front porch and watch everyone going to work. We lived right across the street from Four Star Studios. If anyone would have told me that one day I'd be starring along with Barbara Stanwyck in a television series . . . well, I still find it incredible.
7[on his role as Heath Barkley in The Big Valley (1965)] That character was really very close to me. You know it isn't all acting.
8[on Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law (1971)] I like action, staying in shape, and all the exercise I ever got was walking from the counsel table to the judge's bench in the courtroom on Sound Stage 27. It was basically Arthur Hill's show. I had so little to do and so much time off that the series made a great golfer out of me.
9In westerns, I'm right at home. When they tell me to ride that horse through that scene one more time, I say "Sure, glad to," because I remember when I was the one doing all that running [as television's The Six Million Dollar Man (1974)].
10Even as a kid, I looked up to football coaches. All during junior high school, high school and college, they had the greatest influence on my life. And I never wanted to be anything but a coach. I never was a great All-American grid star at Eastern Kentucky Stage College, but I probably would have been a lot better if I didn't get hurt during my junior year.
11[on meeting Rock Hudson in 1958] We talked then about possibilities of my giving it a try in Hollywood, but even if he was serious I wanted to finish college and get my degree. If something developed, then I would have an insurance policy to fall back on.
12[on his divorce from Farrah Fawcett] It seemed to happen all of a sudden. The time just went by. We probably had a good two weeks together or maybe a weekend here or there--but that just isn't enough.
13[on first wife Kathy] We were married June 17, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky. I was a senior, a physical education and history major. I was going to coach football. I guess the big mistake was that we weren't looking at it realistically. We were young and we loved each other and that seemed to make everything all right. We didn't think about marriage involving anything more than loving each other.
14[Of Barbara Stanwyck]: She was 60, when she started that show [when we did the pilot]; and that little lady [of course], she wasn't very tall. I could touch my fingers around her waist, you know? She was one fiery little actress, one sweet lady, but she rode those buggies, she drove them, by herself. She did some shows where she was underground with Charles Bronson-- trapped as a hostage, came out of there all muddied and everything, and she did some fights. She was a tough little girl.
15[on his on- and off-screen chemistry with Barbara Stanwyck, who played Victoria Barkley] Barbara gave me my discipline. I'm always on the set before they need me, and I never leave the set, but I'm also the first to leave when they say, "That's a wrap". Barbara also taught me to learn your lines and everybody else's. I learn the whole script before I show up. It pays, because once you've got the lines in your head, you can concentrate on movement or doing things with your props. I've tried to pass that on to other actors--make sure you know your words way ahead of time. The words are 90% of it. The other 10% is just the way you dress it up.
16[on his most favorite television series to date] The Big Valley (1965) was the most fun at the time because it was my first and I love Westerns. All the action, horseback riding, I really loved it. The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) was so hard and so boring for me. Ironically that was the most popular. It was total work. You're there [at the set] 16 to 17 hours a day.
17[on Farrah Fawcett] All the stories that I was jealous of her career are just a lot of crap, I was always 110% behind her and proud of her. There are times when I think that perhaps I created a monster. But then, deep down, I know that's just not true.
18I don't want to try and still be Warren Beatty or whoever. A lot of guys think they can be leading men forever. And believe me, we all can't be.
19[on his on- and off-relationship with Farrah Fawcett] We were together actually for 12 years. And after being in the business for awhile and so long, in one year, I think we saw each other two weeks. Two weeks in one year, that's very tough. When you're separated, you hear . . . things are printed in the press, this, this and this. So you think, can that be true? No, that's not true . . . yes it is, this and this. But just the fact of not being together. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder . . . it makes you forget.
20[on Clint Eastwood] Clint Eastwood's a good friend, too--he and I used to play in softball games together.
21[on his days as a football player] Even when I was young, playing college football, and I injured my knee, I bounced right back.
22I'm from Middlesboro, Kentucky, a little town on the Tennessee and Virginia border.
23[on playing second-fiddle to other iconic actors such as Ernest Borgnine, Danny Thomas, Eddie Albert, Michael Landon, Robert Reed, Bill Bixby, James Garner, Robert Fuller, James Brolin and Buddy Ebsen, who each have had their own successful careers: I have done a series in the '60s, '70s and '80s.
24[on the death of his ex-wife, Farrah Fawcett] She fought a tremendous battle against a terrible disease. She was an angel on earth and now an angel forever.
25I was never into my looks. What's important to me is my health and family.


1Credits Barbara Stanwyck as his favorite acting mentor/best friend.
2Underwent angioplasty and heart bypass surgery in May 2003.
3Revealed that he had a wonderful working relationship with Barbara Stanwyck on The Big Valley (1965).
4Has appeared in the music video "When We Die" by the rock band Bowling for Soup. [March 2007]
5The 1973 song "Midnight Train to Georgia" was inspired by Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett.
6His acting mentor was the late Barbara Stanwyck.
7Friends with Robert Fuller, Randolph Mantooth, Linda Evans, James Brolin, Peter Breck and Richard Anderson.
8Confirmed he did not attend Farrah's funeral, explaining he had his own memories of her and did not want to be a distraction. [November 2010]
9Changed his name to Lee Majors after Joan Crawford and others in Hollywood had difficulty pronouncing his real name of Yeary.
10He first acted with actress Lindsay Wagner, when she guest-starred on his television series, Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law (1971) in 1971. A few years later, she guest-starred on his television series, The Six Million Dollar Man (1974), originating her best-known role as The Bionic Woman (1976). They would continue to work together on-and-off for the next twenty years, and still appear together at Bionic conventions.
11Boyfriend of Patti Chandler during the 1960s.
12His ex-wife Farrah Fawcett died in 2009, after a long battle against cancer.
13Before he was an actor, he worked as a park recreational director.
14Paul Newman and James Dean are his idols.
15He was awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6933 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
16Best known by the public for his starring roles as Colonel Steve Austin on The Six Million Dollar Man (1974) and as Colt Seavers on The Fall Guy (1981).
17He entered Indiana University on a football scholarship but was expelled two years later for his involvement in a fraternity fight. After transferring to Eastern Kentucky University, a game injury paralyzed him from the waist down for two weeks. That revealed a condition of congenital spondylolisthesis, an alignment defect of the spine, and he was forced to leave what was beginning to look like a great football career.
18Was a star athlete at Middlesboro High School. The school named their football field Lee Majors Field in 1986 and inducted him into their Sports Hall of Fame in 1991.
19Was one of the judges in 1981 Miss Universe pageant.
20Graduated from Eastern Kentucky College with a degree in History and Physical Education (1962). He later received an honorary doctorate form the university in 2006.
21In 1976, he and wife Farrah Fawcett made television history - a husband and wife each starring in separate top-rated shows.
22His hometown is Middlesboro, Kentucky.
23Signature exclamation as Heath Barkley in The Big Valley (1965) was "Boy, Howdy!".
24Lee is not related to Johnny Majors, the 1956 Heisman Trophy runner-up at Tennessee who became a great college football coach at Iowa State, Pitt and Tennessee. Lee adopted Majors' name after meeting him and becoming friends.
25Has starred concurrently on two television series at the same time: as Jess Brandon on Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law (1971) and Colonel Steve Austin on The Six Million Dollar Man (1973).
26Landed the role of Joe Buck in Midnight Cowboy (1969) but The Big Valley (1965) was picked up for another year and was contractually obligated to pass on the role, which was then made famous by Jon Voight.
27Suffered three separate whippings on The Big Valley (1965). In a Mexican jail in The Big Valley: Legend of a General: Part 1 (1966), shown 9-19-66. In a penal camp in The Big Valley: The Iron Box (1966), shown 11-28-66. At the hands of a religious sect in The Big Valley: Journey Into Violence (1967), shown 12-18-67.
28Turned down the Mac Davis role in North Dallas Forty (1979) in favor of an independent production that never got off the ground.
29Has three children with Karen Velez: daughter Nikki Majors and twin sons Dane and Trey.
30Has one son with Kathy Robinson: Lee Majors II.




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Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident1976TV MovieFrancis Gary Powers
Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law1971-1974TV SeriesJess Brandon
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The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman1987TV MovieCol. Steve Austin
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The Fall Guy1981-1986TV SeriesColt Seavers
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Killer Fish1979Lasky
Steel1979Mike Catton
The Norseman1978Thorvald
The Six Million Dollar Man1974-1978TV SeriesCol. Steve Austin
Just a Little Inconvenience1977TV MovieFrank Logan

Music Department

The Fall Guy1981-1986TV Series singer - 112 episodes


CBS Summer Playhouse1989TV Series executive producer - 1 episode
Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman1989TV Movie co-producer
Reed Down Under1988TV Movie executive producer
The Fall GuyTV Series co-producer - 49 episodes, 1981 - 1984 co-executive producer - 23 episodes, 1985 - 1986
The Cowboy and the Ballerina1984TV Movie executive producer
Steel1979executive producer
The Norseman1978executive producer - uncredited
Just a Little Inconvenience1977TV Movie executive producer


The Fall Guy1985TV Series performer - 1 episode
The Six Million Dollar Man1975TV Series performer - 4 episodes


The Six Million Dollar Man1975TV Series 1 episode


The Time MachinistsDocumentary post-productionNarrator (voice)
IMDb at San Diego Comic-Con2016TV SeriesHimself
The Greg Gutfeld Show2015TV SeriesHimself
The AXI: Avengers of eXtreme Illusions2014TV SeriesHimself - Narrator
The Five2013TV SeriesHimself
Fashion News Live2007-2013TV SeriesHimself
78th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade2009TV MovieHimself
Flashback: Lee Majors Goes to Mars2009Video shortHimself
When I Find the Ocean: Behind the Scenes2008Video documentary shortHimself
Remembering 'The Fall Guy': An American Classic2007Video shortHimself
Entertainment Tonight2006TV SeriesHimself
The Witnessing of Angels2006Video documentaryHost
2005 Taurus World Stunt Awards2005TV SpecialHimself
Biography2003-2005TV Series documentaryHimself / Steve Austin
The O'Reilly Factor2005TV SeriesHimself - Guest
The Best of 'So Graham Norton'2004VideoHimself
Married to the Kellys2004TV SeriesHimself
Out Cold: Greetings from Bull Mountain2004Video documentary shortHimself
TV Land Awards: A Celebration of Classic TV2003TV Special documentaryHimself
TVography: Lee Majors - Hollywood's Bionic Hero2002TV Movie documentaryHimself
Christmas with the Stars2001TV MovieHimself
Forbidden Secrets2001TV Series documentaryHimself - Host
Crash Landing: Stories of Survival2001TV Movie documentaryNarrator
Entertainment Tonight Presents: Whatever Happened to Your Favorite TV Action Heroes?2001TV Movie documentaryHimself
Headliners & Legends: Farrah Fawcett2000TV Movie documentaryHimself
Family Guy2000TV SeriesHimself
The Magic of Thailand2000TV Movie documentaryHimself
Friday Night's All Wright1999TV Series documentaryHimself - Guest
So Graham Norton1999TV SeriesHimself - Guest
P.S.I. Luv U1991TV SeriesHimself
The Annual Variety Club's Big Heart Awards1986TV SpecialHimself
Playboy Mid Summer Night's Dream Party 19851985TV MovieHimself
Your Choice for the Film Awards1984TV SpecialHimself - Host
The 24th Annual International Broadcasting Awards1984TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
Salute!1983TV SeriesHimself
The Best of Everything1983TV MovieHimself
Battle of the Network Stars XI1981TV SpecialHimself - Host
The 22nd Annual Grammy Awards1980TV SpecialHimself
The 35th Annual Golden Globe Awards1978TV Movie documentaryHerself - Presenter
Superstunt1977TV Special
The 29th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards1977TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
The 3rd Annual People's Choice Awards1977TV SpecialHimself - Presenter
The 34th Annual Golden Globe Awards1977TV SpecialHimself - Nominee: Best Actor in a TV - Series - Drama
The Brady Bunch Variety Hour1977TV SeriesHimself
A Special Olivia Newton-John1976TV Special
Dinah!1976TV SeriesHimself - Guest
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1976TV SeriesHimself - Guest
Donny and Marie1975-1976TV SeriesHimself
The 17th Annual TV Week Logie Awards1975TV SpecialHimself
ABC Funshine Saturday Sneak Peek1974TV MovieHimself / Steve Austin (host)
The Hollywood Squares1969TV SeriesHimself
The Dating Game1966-1967TV SeriesHimself

Archive Footage

Stossel2014TV SeriesHimself
The O'Reilly Factor2014TV SeriesHimself
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno2011TV SeriesHimself
Pioneers of Television2011TV Mini-Series documentaryHeath Barkley from Big Valley
30 for 302009TV Series documentaryHimself - Actor, The Fall Guy
Entertainment Tonight2009TV SeriesHimself
Biography2000TV Series documentaryHimself
Playboy: Farrah Fawcett, All of Me1997Video documentaryHimself
Memories of 1970-19911991TV Series documentaryHimself


Won Awards

2003TV Land AwardTV Land AwardsSuperest Super HeroThe Six Million Dollar Man (1974)
2001Moxie! AwardSanta Monica Film FestivalBest ActorHere (2001)
1984Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameTelevisionAt 6933 Hollywood Blvd.
1983Golden BootGolden Boot Awards

Nominated Awards

1982Sour AppleGolden Apple Awards
1978Stinker AwardThe Stinkers Bad Movie AwardsWorst ActorThe Norseman (1978)
1977Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Actor in a Television Series - DramaThe Six Million Dollar Man (1974)
1966Gold MedalPhotoplay AwardsMost Promising New Star (Male)

3rd Place Awards

1985Bravo Otto GermanyBravo OttoBest Male TV Star (TV-Star m)

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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