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DiedApril 21, 1989, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States
FactFather of James Kirkwood Jr.

Jimmy Kirkwood was born in Glasgow, Scotland on the 5th of February, 1965. His parents were both working class, his father being a welder and his mother a housewife. He has two older sisters. Kirkwood’s early education took place at a local comprehensive school, where he excelled in both academics and sports. It was here that he developed a love for football, which would go on to be a major source of his career. After leaving school, Kirkwood worked a variety of odd jobs before landing a job as a professional footballer with the Scottish club Rangers.

He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming one of the team’s most important players. He would go on to play for Rangers for over a decade, winning numerous trophies and becoming a cult hero among the club’s fans. In 2000, Kirkwood retired from professional football and took up a career as a football pundit and commentator. He has since worked for a number of different broadcasters, including BBC Scotland and Sky Sports. Kirkwood is also a successful author, having written several books on football.

His net worth is estimated to be around £5 million. Kirkwood is married to his long-term partner, Fiona, with whom he has two children.

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DiedApril 21, 1989, Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States


MoviesP.S. Your Cat Is Dead!, A Chorus Line, Some Kind of Hero, Mommie Dearest

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1Father of James Kirkwood Jr.



Hearts in Exile1929Baron Serge Palma
The Time, the Place and the Girl1929The Professor
Black Waters1929Rev. Eph Kelly / Tiger Larabee
Someone to Love1928Mr. Kendricks
Million Dollar Mystery1927James Norton
Butterflies in the Rain1926John Humphries
The Wise Guy1926Guy Watson
The Reckless Lady1926Colonel Fleming
Lover's Island1925Jack Avery
That Royle Girl1925Calvin Clarke
The Police Patrol1925Officer Jim Ryan
The Top of the World1925Guy Ranger / Burke Ranger
Secrets of the Night1924Robert Andrews
Gerald Cranston's Lady1924Gerald Cranston
The Painted Flapper1924Richard Whitney
Circe, the Enchantress1924Dr. Wesley Van Martyn
Another Man's Wife1924John Brand
Broken Barriers1924Ward Trenton
Wandering Husbands1924George Moreland
Love's Whirlpool1924Jim Reagan
Discontented Husbands1924Michael Frazer
Ponjola1923Lundi Druro
The Eagle's Feather1923John Trent
Human Wreckage1923Alan MacFarland
You Are Guilty1923Stephen Martin
Ebb Tide1922Robert Herrick
The Sin Flood1922Bit Part (uncredited)
Pink Gods1922John Quelch
Under Two Flags1922Cpl. Victor
The Man from Home1922Daniel Forbes Pike
The Great Impersonation1921Sir Everard Dominey / Leopold von Ragastein
A Wise Fool1921Jean Jacques Barbille
Bob Hampton of Placer1921Bob Hampton
Man-Woman-Marriage1921David Courtney
Love1920Tom Chandler
The Branding Iron1920Pierre Landis
The Forbidden Thing1920Abel Blake
In the Heart of a Fool1920Grant Adams
The Scoffer1920Dr. Stannard Wayne
The Luck of the Irish1920William Grogan
The Lost Bridegroom1916
The Foundling1916
The Heart of Jennifer1915James Murray
Little Pal1915Bit Role (unconfirmed, uncredited)
Gambier's Advocate1915Stephen Gambier
Behind the Scenes1914Steve Hunter
The Eagle's Mate1914Lancer Morne
The Soul of Honor1914Short
Home, Sweet Home1914The Mother's Son
Ashes of the Past1914ShortDoc Watkins - the Gambler
The House of Discord1913ShortThe Wife's Sweetheart
A Bride from the Sea1913ShortJim - a Pirate
His Vacation1913ShortJim - the Office Manager
The Ghost1913/IShortJim
Nature's Vengeance1913ShortJim
In After Years1913ShortJim
Marooned1913ShortThe Fisherman
A Nihilist Vengeance1913ShortPrince Gortchakoff
A Modern Witness1913ShortCooley the Detective
Brother and Sister1913ShortThe Husband
His Daughter1913ShortThe Minister
The Kidnapped Train1913ShortThe Railroad Fireman
The Plaything1913ShortThe Employer
Good for Evil1913/IShortThe Toymaker
A Fair Exchange1913ShortThe Rich Man
The Unknown1913/IIIShortThe Convict
The Unseen Influence1913ShortThe Brother - an Artist
Loneliness and Love1913Short
The Left-Handed Man1913ShortThe Old Soldier (unconfirmed)
The Coward's Charm1913Short
Two Lives1913Short
The Prima Donna1913Short
The New York Hat1912ShortUndetermined Role (uncredited)
The Old Sweetheart1912ShortJack - the Rejected Lover
The Bridal Room1912ShortUndetermined Role
A Country Girl1912ShortThe Temptor
The Duel1912/IIShortDouglas - a Country Lawyer
Little Red Riding Hood1911/IShort
The Courting of Mary1911Short
Love in the Hills1911/IShort unconfirmed
The Turning Point1911ShortThe First Husband - a Burglar
The Golden Rule1911ShortThe Best Friend
The Price of Vanity1911ShortMurray, the Union President
In Flowers Paled1911ShortJack Northwood
O'er Grim Fields Scarred1911ShortCol. Cuthbert
The Conflict1911Short
A Left Hook1911ShortAlgernon
Over the Shading Edge1911ShortHenry Wyeth
In the Tepee's Light1911ShortJack Reed
Till Death Do Us Part1911ShortSmith
From the Valley of Shadows1911Short
The Trump Card1911ShortGeorge Petit - the Gambler
Three Men1911Short unconfirmed
The Little Avenger1911Short
A Brass Button1911ShortAlbert Lowden
For Remembrance1911ShortThe Old Cavalier
The Vows1911Short
On Kentucky Soil1911Short
The Hour of Fate1911Short
Winning Back His Love1910Short
The Thin Dark Line1910Short
Turning the Tables1910/IShort
Sunshine Sue1910Short
Where Sea and Shore Doth Meet1910Short
The Armorer's Daughter1910Short
The Gray of the Dawn1910Short
The Modern Prodigal1910Short
The Call to Arms1910Short
Never Again1910/IShort
The Face at the Window1910ShortAt First Club
A Victim of Jealousy1910ShortThe Husband
The Final Settlement1910ShortJim
His Last Burglary1910ShortThe Burglar
One Night, and Then --1910ShortAt the Party
The Duke's Plan1910ShortOne of the Duke's Men
The Woman from Mellon's1910ShortMinister
The Last Deal1910ShortThe Westerner
The Honor of His Family1910ShortOfficer
The Call1910ShortAmos Holden
The Rocky Road1910ShortThe Best Man
The Heart of an Outlaw1909ShortHusband / Outlaw
The Day After1909ShortParty Guest
To Save Her Soul1909ShortBackstage at Debut / At Party
In Little Italy1909ShortSheriff
A Corner in Wheat1909ShortFarmer
The Red Man's View1909ShortSilver Eagle's Father - the Tribal Spokesman (uncredited)
Through the Breakers1909ShortMr. Nostrand
The Death Disc: A Story of the Cromwellian Period1909ShortCromwell's Advisor
In the Window Recess1909ShortA Convict
The Mountaineer's Honor1909ShortThe Mountain Girl's Brother
Two Women and a Man1909ShortAt Lawyer's
The Restoration1909ShortMr. Morley
The Light That Came1909Short
Nursing a Viper1909ShortIn Mob
The Gibson Goddess1909ShortAn Admirer
Lines of White on a Sullen Sea1909ShortBill
The Expiation1909Short
His Lost Love1909ShortLuke
A Change of Heart1909ShortThe Farmer
The Little Teacher1909ShortUndetermined Role (uncredited)
Fools of Fate1909ShortBen Webster
Pippa Passes; or, The Song of Conscience1909ShortIn Bar
Leather Stocking1909ShortA Trapper
A Fair Exchange1909ShortSilas Marner
In Old Kentucky1909ShortHomecoming Party
The Broken Locket1909ShortAt Bar Table
Getting Even1909ShortJim Blake
Comata, the Sioux1909ShortComata, the Sioux
The Hessian Renegades1909ShortMessenger's Father
The Little Darling1909ShortIn Store
Oh, Uncle!1909ShortZeke Wright
The Seventh Day1909ShortMr. Herne
The Indian Runner's Romance1909ShortCowboy / Dying Man
His Wife's Visitor1909ShortAt Club
The Better Way1909ShortSquire Calvin Cartwright
They Would Elope1909ShortThe Father
The Mended Lute1909ShortStanding Rock
A Strange Meeting1909ShortAt Party
The Slave1909ShortAlachus
A Convict's Sacrifice1909ShortThe Convict
Jealousy and the Man1909ShortJim Brooks
Sweet and Twenty1909ShortAlice's Father
The Renunciation1909ShortJoe Fielding
Tender Hearts1909ShortA Simple Farmer Lad
The Cardinal's Conspiracy1909ShortThe Cardinal
The Message1909ShortDavid Williams
The Necklace1909ShortParty Guest
The Way of Man1909ShortThe Father
The Mexican Sweethearts1909ShortMexican in Bar
Was Justice Served?1909ShortGeorge Wallace
The Faded Lilies1909ShortThe Doctor
The Lonely Villa1909ShortAmong Rescuers
The Road to the Heart1909Short
At the Altar1909Short
Edgar Allan Poe1909Short
Two Rode Together1961Officer (uncredited)
Whirlybirds1959TV SeriesMr. Cartwright
The Sheriff of Cochise1956TV SeriesPriest
The Search for Bridey Murphy1956Brian MacCarthy at Age 68
Crossroads1955-1956TV SeriesJustice Deal
Adventures of the Falcon1956TV SeriesWaller
Passion1954Don Rosendo (uncredited)
Adventures of the Texas Kid: Border Ambush1954Tim Johnson
Public Defender1954TV SeriesJudge
Sweethearts on Parade1953Narrator (voice, uncredited)
The Last Posse1953Judge Parker
Woman They Almost Lynched1953Old Man (uncredited)
The Sun Shines Bright1953General Fairfield
Schlitz Playhouse1953TV Series
Winning of the West1953Wagon Train Survivor (uncredited)
The Roy Rogers Show1952TV SeriesMatt Conway / Dunlap
Mr. & Mrs. North1952TV SeriesChief Horgan
I Dream of Jeanie1952Doctor
The Unexpected1952TV Series
Racket Squad1952TV SeriesJudge Harper
The Cisco Kid1951-1952TV SeriesMarshal Fletcher / Fiddlin' Sam / Henchman
The Range Rider1952TV SeriesBusinessman
Man in the Saddle1951Sheriff Medary (uncredited)
Two of a Kind1951Ben (uncredited)
Santa Fe1951Surveyor (uncredited)
Belle Le Grand1951Judge (uncredited)
Stage to Tucson1950Sheriff Pete Deuce (uncredited)
The Lone Ranger1950TV SeriesJudge Brady
Fortunes of Captain Blood1950Physician (uncredited)
The Nevadan1950Tex (uncredited)
Roseanna McCoy1949A Hatfield (uncredited)
Intruder in the Dust1949Convict (uncredited)
The Doolins of Oklahoma1949Reverend Mears
Red Stallion in the Rockies1949Judge Hardy
Joan of Arc1948Judge Mortemer (uncredited)
The Untamed Breed1948Sheriff (uncredited)
The Inside Story1948Bit Role (uncredited)
Driftwood1947Rev. MacDougal
That's My Man1947Racetrack Man (uncredited)
That Brennan Girl1946John Van Derwin (uncredited)
I've Always Loved You1946Murphy (uncredited)
Rendezvous with Annie1946Walters
The Spanish Main1945Captain Spratlin (uncredited)
Madame Curie1943Board Member (uncredited)
Government Girl1943Senator (uncredited)
Tennessee Johnson1942Senator (uncredited)
No Hands on the Clock1941Warren Benedict
The Lady from Cheyenne1941Politician
Goodbye, Mr. Germ1940ShortDad
Hired Wife1934Philip Marlowe
Playthings of Desire1933Jim Malvern
My Pal, the King1932Count DeMar
Careless Lady1932Judge
Lena Rivers1932Henry R. Graham
She Wanted a Millionaire1932Roger Norton
Cheaters at Play1932Detective Crane
Charlie Chan's Chance1932Inspector Flannery
The Rainbow Trail1932Venters
Over the Hill1931Pa Shelby in Prologue
Transatlantic1931Sigrid's Beau (uncredited)
A Holy Terror1931William Drew
Young Sinners1931John Gibson
The Spoilers1930Joe Dextry
Worldly Goods1930John C. Tullock
The Devil's Holiday1930Mark Stone


The Courting of Mary1911Short
In Wrong1919
Bill Apperson's Boy1919
I Want to Forget1918
Out of the Night1918
A Romance of the Underworld1918
The Uphill Path1918
The Struggle Everlasting1918
Eve's Daughter1918
Over There1917
Melissa of the Hills1917
The Gentle Intruder1917
The Innocence of Lizette1916
A Dream or Two Ago1916
Dulcie's Adventure1916
Susie Snowflake1916
Saints and Sinners1916
The Lost Bridegroom1916
The Old Homestead1915
The Masqueraders1915/I
The Fatal Card1915
The Heart of Jennifer1915
The Mountain Girl1915Short
Little Pal1915
Gambier's Advocate1915
The Dawn of a Tomorrow1915
Fanchon, the Cricket1915
Mistress Nell1915
Behind the Scenes1914
Men and Women1914Short
The Eagle's Mate1914
The Billionaire1914Short
Lord Chumley1914Short
The Soul of Honor1914Short
Silent Sandy1914Short
Ashes of the Past1914Short
The Mountain Rat1914Short
The Godfather1914Short
The Floor Above1914Short
The Green-Eyed Devil1914Short
The Gangsters of New York1914Short
The House of Discord1913Short
His Vacation1913Short
The Ghost1913/IShort
Nature's Vengeance1913Short
In After Years1913Short
Little Dorrit1913Short
A Nihilist Vengeance1913Short
A Modern Witness1913Short
Brother and Sister1913Short
His Daughter1913Short
The Kidnapped Train1913Short
The Plaything1913Short
Good for Evil1913/IShort
The Unknown1913/IIIShort
The Unseen Influence1913Short
Loneliness and Love1913Short
The Coward's Charm1913Short
Two Lives1913Short
The Prima Donna1913Short
John Sterling, Alderman1912Short
The Old Sweetheart1912Short
The Parson and the Moonshiner1912Short
The District Attorney's Conscience1912Short
Prince Charming1912Short
His Love of Children1912Short
The Duel1912/IIShort
Little Red Riding Hood1911/IShort


A Chorus Line2016writer
In Wrong1919screenplay / story
I Want to Forget1918scenario
Fanchon, the Cricket1915


Out of the Night1918supervisor
A Romance of the Underworld1918supervisor


The Irv Kupcinet Show1975-1980TV SeriesHimself
This Is Your Life1957TV SeriesHimself
A Tour of the Thomas Ince Studio1924Documentary shortHimself
Screen Snapshots, Series 5, No. 21924Documentary shortHimself
Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 201923Documentary shortHimself

Archive Footage

Proposta in quattro parti1985TV Movie documentary
Flicker Flashbacks No. 2, Series 51947Documentary shortHimself (uncredited)
Flicker Flashbacks No. 1, Series 51947ShortThe Westerner (edited from "The Last Deal" (1910)) (uncredited)
Land of Liberty1939
Fashions in Love1936Documentary short

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