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DiedMarch 9, 1996, Beverly Hills, California, United States
SpouseGracie Allen
MarkHis ever present cigar
FactHe was in very fragile health and could not attend his 100th birthday celebration in person.
PaymentsEarned $850 from Lambchops (1929)

George Burns (born Nathan Birnbaum; January 20, 1896 – March 9, 1996) was an American comedian, actor, singer, and writer. He was one of the few entertainers whose career successfully spanned vaudeville, radio, film and television. His arched eyebrow and cigar smoke punctuation became familiar trademarks for over three quarters of a century. Burns, who was a member of the First City Troop of Philadelphia, served as a private during World War I.

Early Life

George Burns was born on January 20, 1896 in New York City, the ninth of twelve children born to Jacob and Esther “Dolly” (née Cohen) Birnbaum, Jewish immigrants from Poland who had settled on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He was raised in a Yiddish-speaking home. According to a 1978 profile in The New Yorker, Burns grew up in a poor Jewish family that emigrated from Poland to New York City, where he was born. When he was four years old, his father died and his mother moved the family to Brooklyn.

Burns began working in vaudeville as a teenager, first as a coat checker and then as a singer. He gained notoriety as a comedian when he began working with his wife, Gracie Allen. The duo worked together for more than 40 years, appearing on stage, radio and television.


Burns’ career began in vaudeville in 1912 with partner Al Shean. The team lasted until Burns’ retirement in 1949. From 1928 to 1934, they had their own radio show called The Burns and Allen Show. In addition to his work with Gracie Allen, Burns also wrote material for other comedians, including Jack Benny. He also wrote for film and television. He appeared in over fifty films, including A Night at the Opera (1935) and Oh, God! (1977). He also had a successful career as a singer, recording such songs as “I Wish I Was Eighteen Again” and “Auld Lang Syne”.

In the early 1950s, Burns retired from show business to focus on his personal life. He made a comeback in the late 1950s with a new partner, Connie Stevens. The two appeared together on The Steve Allen Show and The George Burns and Connie Stevens Show. In the 1960s and 1970s, Burns appeared on such television shows as The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. He also continued to perform in nightclubs and concert halls until his retirement in 1996.

George Burns’ net worth at the time of his death was $8 million. He was survived by his wife, Connie Stevens.

General Info

Full NameGeorge Burns
DiedMarch 9, 1996, Beverly Hills, California, United States
Height1.7 m
ProfessionTelevision producer, Comedian, Writer, Actor, Radio personality


SpouseGracie Allen
ChildrenRonnie Burns, Sandra Burns
ParentsLippe Birnbaum, Dorah Birnbaum
SiblingsWilliam Burns, Izzy Birnbaum


AwardsAcademy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Kennedy Center Honors, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, Saturn Award, Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award, Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album, Academy of Country Music Awards Gene Weed Special Achie...
NominationsPrimetime Emmy Award for Individual Performance - Variety Or Music Program, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special, Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance
MoviesOh, God!, The Sunshine Boys, Going in Style, 18 Again!, Oh, God! You Devil, Oh, God! Book II, International House, A Damsel in Distress, College Swing, The Big Broadcast, Just You and Me, Kid, Six of a Kind, Lambchops, Radioland Murders, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Big Broadcast of 19...
TV ShowsBurns and Allen, Wendy and Me, George Burns Comedy Week, George Burns Celebrates 80 Years in Show Business, The George Burns One-Man Show, The George Burns Show

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#Marks / Signs
1Deep, scratchy voice.
2Wearing glasses in his later years.
3Played the straight man to his wife, Gracie Allen. After her death and his retirement period, he created a new image as an remarkably active amiable old comedian.
4His ever present cigar


Lambchops (1929)$850


1Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that, you've got it made.
2You know you're getting old when you stoop to tie your shoelaces and wonder what else you could do while you're down there.
3[on his act with Gracie Allen]: The only rule we followed was that we would only use jokes that were funny. If people wanted jokes that weren't funny they could listen to our competitors.
4I'd announce that I was going to sing, and all our guests would make a ring around the piano. But somehow I managed to fight my way through the ring and sing anyway.
5At home we ate fish every Friday, as Catholics were then supposed to do. Being Jewish, I compromised. I wore a hat when I ate fish, out of respect for my own religion and the fish's family.
6Yale men do not like to be told anything by people who didn't go to Yale. The closest I came to Yale was once I had one of their padlocks.
7[on vaudeville] When we played the back end of a horse we always knew that if we worked hard and did a good job we could become the front end.
8[on meeting Gracie Allen] I remember looking down at her, looking right into her green eye and her blue eye, and thinking what a pretty little girl she is. I was hoping she'd work with me.
9[on his wedding] The justice of the peace spoke so fast I didn't know if Gracie and I had gotten married or had bought land in Florida.
10It's one of the old show business axioms. No matter how successful you've been, there's always a younger and sexier seal coming along.
11"I never wanted to play Shakespeare", [Gracie Allen] a statement she had proved by becoming my partner. Instead we played Cleveland.
12[as he was about to sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" during the 1983 All-Star Game at Comiskey Park in Chicago] I not only sang this song at the first All-Star Game, I also sang it at the first ballgame.
13[asked what he thought of Mary Pickford] I never slept with her.
14[sitting in an empty movie theater] The first movie I ever saw was the first movie I was ever in. I was sitting alone in the theater then like I am now.
15[on W.C. Fields] When he was 22 he played England with his young wife, who was 20. His trick was juggling cigar boxes. The star of the show was an old geezer who had a funny voice. The wife fell in love with the old man. Fields stole his accent and delivery, and the old guy stole Fields' wife. I think Fields got the best of the deal.
16[about his relationship with wife Gracie Allen] The only thing I ever felt guilty about was a telegram we got in vaudeville. It was from [Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.] and he was out front and that was one of the nights I blew smoke in Gracie's face and he hated my guts. So he sends a cable saying, "I'll pay $200 for the dame, $100 for the act". I never read it to her. I told her it was from some of the boys at the Friars Club. Before she died I said, "Gracie, I got a confession to make. Remember that cable we got that time in vaudeville?" and she said, "You mean the one from Ziegfeld?"
17[on how his act with Gracie Allen got started in vaudeville] Gracie was supposed to be the straight woman. The first night we had 40 people out front and they didn't laugh at one of my jokes, but every time Gracie asked me a question they fell out of their seats. So I made her the comic and the act was a hit from that moment on. That was the beginning of Burns and Allen.
18[on Al Jolson] It was easy enough to make Jolson happy at home. You just had to cheer him for breakfast, applaud wildly for lunch, and give him a standing ovation for dinner.
19[on Carol Channing] She never just enters a room. Even when she comes out of the bathroom, her husband applauds.
20Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.
21[during Dean Martin's roast for Frank Sinatra] We singers aren't worried about getting laughs . . . see, nobody's laughing, and I'm not worried.
22If you live to the age of a hundred, you have it made, because very few people die past the age of a hundred.
23The most important thing to succeed in show business is sincerity. And if you can fake that, you've got it made.
24[when asked how he got the title role in Oh, God! (1977)] I was the closest to Him in age.
25[discussing his role in Going in Style (1979)] I had to learn how to act old."
26At my age, the only thing hot waiting for me in my dressing room is a bowl of soup.
27I'd rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate.
28[interviewed in his old age about sex scenes] What actresses do today when they appear on the screen is what they did once upon a time for getting to appear on the screen.
29Happiness is: A good martini, a good meal, a good cigar and a good woman . . . or a bad woman, depending on how much happiness you can stand.
30[on adultery] If you were married to Marilyn Monroe, you'd cheat with some ugly girl.
31[at 87 years old] I was brought up to respect my elders and now I don't have to respect ANYBODY.
32[commenting on winning the Oscar at age 80] It couldn't have happened to an older guy.
33I can't afford to die; I'd lose too much money.
34There are many ways to die in bed, but the best way is not alone.
35I don't believe in dying . . . it's been done.
36I use the cigar for timing purposes. If I tell a joke, I smoke as long as they laugh and when they stop laughing I take the cigar out of my mouth and start my next joke.
37If you stay in the business long enough and get to be old enough, you get to be new again.
38A young mind in a healthy body is a wonderful thing. Especially for an old man with an open night.
39Bridge is a game that separates the men from the boys. It also separates husbands and wives.
40I would go out with women my age, but there are no women my age.
41[on gravity] Everything that goes up must come down. But there comes a time when not everything that's down can come up.
42In what other business can a guy my age drink martinis, smoke cigars and sing? I think all people who retire ought to go into show business. I've been retired all my life.
43Nice to be here? At my age it's nice to be anywhere.
44[on his age] I get a standing ovation just standing.
45Well, anybody can be a straight man if he hears well. You just have to wait for laughs. A straight man just repeats the questions and the comedian gets the laughs and you just wait for them and don't let them die completely at the tail end of the laugh.
46You know, lots of times people have asked me what [Gracie Allen] and I did to make our marriage work. It's simple - we didn't do anything. I think the trouble with a lot of people is that they work too hard at staying married. They make a business out of it. When you work too hard at a business you get tired, and when you get tired you get grouchy, you start fighting, and when you start fighting you're out of business.
47I did go to school - my kind of school. When I was a kid I went out . . . and you meet people. You talk to them. Anybody says something that makes sense, it stays with you, rubs off on you. That kind of school.
48[on appearance] Take care not to wear stripes that are out of sync with your wrinkles.
49Retire? I'm going to stay in show business until I'm the only one left.
50Fall in love with what you do for a living. I don't care what it is. It works.
51I've been a straight man for so many years that from force of habit I repeat everything. I went out fishing with a fellow the other day and he fell overboard. He yelled, "Help! Help! Help!" so I said, "Help? Help? Help?" And while I was waiting for him to get his laugh, he drowned.
52Smartness runs in my family. When I went to school I was so smart my teacher was in my class for five years.


1Along with Bob Hope and Señor Wences, he is one of three The Muppet Show (1976) guest stars to live to be 100 years old.
2His father was an Austrian Jewish immigrant and his mother was a Polish Jewish immigrant.
3Interviewed in "The Great Comedians Talk About Comedy" by Larry Wilde. [1968]
4Was a struggling vaudevillian in his early youth, often appearing as a trick roller skater and in ballroom dance acts. Some of his acts were pretty bad and work was hard to come by, so he was forced to frequently change his stage name, appearing variously as Willy Delight, Captain Betts and Buddy Links.
5At age 13, he charged immigrants coming by boat from Ellis Island $5 for dance lessons, telling his clients that this was a necessary prerequisite for becoming a U.S. citizen.
6Brother of William Burns.
7Pictured with wife Gracie Allen on a 44¢ USA commemorative postage stamp, issued 11 August 2009, in the Early TV Memories issue honoring The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (1950).
8He was awarded 3 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Live Theatre at 6672 Hollywood Boulevard; for Motion Pictures at 1639 Vine Street; and for Television at 6510 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
9According to Phyllis Diller's autobiography "Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse", in the late 1960s Broadway producer David Merrick approached Burns with the idea of him playing Horace Vandergelder in "Hello, Dolly!" with his good friend Jack Benny in drag as Dolly Levi. The intention was to turn Broadway on its ear and revive flagging interest in the show, which had been running since 1964, originally with Carol Channing as Dolly Levi. This idea never came to fruition (Diller did appear in the show for three months in 1970).
10Although Gracie Allen was in love with another man when they first met, he carried a ring in his pocket until she finally agreed to marry him.
11The whales in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) were named George and Gracie after Burns and his wife, Gracie Allen.
12Interviewed around the time of the death of wife Gracie Allen in the summer of 1964, he described her as being his "next breath".
13Was very good friends with Harpo Marx.
14In the early 1940s, during the height of their popularity, Burns had a brief extramarital affair. He apologized to Gracie Allen by giving her a new coffee table, and nothing more was said about it. However, years later, when Gracie was serving coffee to a friend in their living room, George overheard her say, "You know, I wish George would have another affair. I really need a new coffee table".
15In the movie 18 Again! (1988) Burns' character celebrates his 81st birthday, although Burns himself was already 92 years old.
16Was originally supposed to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of his best friend, Jack Benny, but he was so overcome with emotion after trying that he let someone else do it.
17Biography in: "American National Biography". Supplement 1, pp. 82-84. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.
18He was in very fragile health and could not attend his 100th birthday celebration in person.
19Discovered Ann-Margret and made her his opening act in Las Vegas, Nevada.
20Daughter Sandra Burns adopted 1934, son Ronnie Burns adopted 1935.
21In the beginning of their partnership, Gracie Allen played the straight character and Burns had the funny lines. When he realized Gracie got more laughs, he switched their roles.
22His first marriage was in name only. In the early 1920s, he was doing a ballroom dancing act with Hannah Siegal, and they were offered a 36-week contract to go out on the road. When her father objected to her traveling with a young man outside the bonds of matrimony, George and Hannah got married so as not to turn down the offer. When they returned from their three-month engagement, they divorced.
23Biography in: "Who's Who in Comedy" by Ronald L. Smith. Pg. 78-80. New York: Facts on File, 1992. ISBN 0816023387
24Until his death, he smoked as many as ten cigars a day.
25Took the name "Burns" from the Burns Brothers Coal Company, whose trucks he'd stolen lumps from growing up, to help heat the family home. "George" was a sobriquet his brother occasionally used.
26He and Gracie Allen continued to play single, even years after they were married; declining ratings prompted George to "update" the act on-air. He said later, "We were the only couple on radio who got married because we had to".
27Actually wore a hairpiece for most of his performing career; appears briefly without it in The Sunshine Boys (1975).
28Best friends with fellow comedian Jack Benny, who also served as best man at his and Gracie Allen's wedding. Burns loved playing jokes on Benny, almost as much as watching him laugh (and pound the floor) afterward.
29At the time of his Oscar win, he was the oldest recipient of an Academy Award. He was 80 when he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for The Sunshine Boys (1975). This record was surpassed by Jessica Tandy in 1990 and later by Christopher Plummer in 2012 who received his Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor at age 82.
30"The Burns & Allen Show" (on CBS and NBC from 1934 to 1950) was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1994.
31Was a regular on the "Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts". He was even a guest of honor in 1978.
32Uncle of Lou Weiss, chairman emeritus of William Morris Agency, who got his mailroom start in agency business with help of 'Uncle Nate'.
33Interred along with his wife Gracie Allen at Forest Lawn (Glendale), Glendale, California, USA, in the Freedom Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Heritage.
34As a child, he attended P.S. 22 and left after the fourth grade due to economic reasons.




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Production Manager

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Montana Christmas Skies1991TV SpecialGod (voice)
Today1991TV SeriesHimself
The 63rd Annual Academy Awards1991TV SpecialHimself - Film Sequence on Favorite Films
George Burns' 95th Birthday Party1991TV SpecialGeorge Burns
Sinatra 75: The Best Is Yet to Come1990TV Special documentaryHimself
Bob Hope: Don't Shoot, It's Only Me1990TV SpecialHimself
The Arsenio Hall Show1990TV SeriesHimself
Mary Hart Presents Love in the Public Eye1990TV MovieHimself
50 Years of Television: A Golden Celebration1989TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1963-1989TV SeriesHimself / Himself - Guest
Bob Hope's Love Affair with Lucy1989TV MovieHimself
A Conversation with...1989TV Mini-SeriesHimself
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color1989TV SeriesHimself
The Pat Sajak Show1989TV SeriesHimself
5th Annual TV Academy Hall of Fame1989TV SpecialHimself - Inductee
Super Bowl Party1989TV SpecialHimself
A Conversation with Dinah1989TV SeriesHimself (1990)
The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts1988TV SpecialHimself - Honoree
CBS This Morning1988TV SeriesHimself
The 2nd Annual American Comedy Awards1988TV SpecialHimself - Winner: Lifetime Achievement Award in Comedy
Happy Birthday, Bob: 50 Stars Salute Your 50 Years with NBC1988TV SpecialHimself
Hour Magazine1981-1988TV SeriesHimself
America's Tribute to Bob Hope1988TV Movie documentaryHimself
Magic in the Magic Kingdom1988TV SpecialHimself
Better Homes and Gardens Super Picnic1987TV MovieHimself
A Beverly Hills Christmas1987TV MovieHimself
NBC Investigates Bob Hope1987TV SpecialHimself
Candid Camera: First 40 Years1987TV MovieHimself
Lou Rawls Parade of Stars1986TV SeriesHimself
The 38th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards1986TV SpecialHimself
Bob Hope Lampoons the New TV Scene1986TV MovieHimself
All-Star Tribute to General Jimmy Doolittle1986TV MovieHimself
George Burns' 90th Birthday Party: A Very Special Special1986TV SpecialGeorge Burns
Looney Tunes 50th Anniversary1986TV SpecialHimself
Muppet Video: Rowlf's Rhapsodies with the Muppets1985VideoHimself
George Burns Comedy Week1985TV SeriesHimself
Late Night with David Letterman1983-1985TV SeriesHimself
Bob Hope Buys NBC?1985TV SpecialHimself
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Gene Kelly1985TV Special documentaryHimself
Night of 100 Stars II1985TV MovieHimself
Bob Hope Lampoons Television1985TV MovieHimself
Bob Hope's Unrehearsed Antics of the Stars1984DocumentaryHimself
Bob Hope's Who Makes the World Laugh? - Part II: The Newest! The Funniest! The Greatest!1984TV MovieHimself
The Stars Salute the U.S. Olympic Team1984TV MovieHimself - Performer
Grandpa, Will You Run with Me?1983TV MovieHimself - Host
Happy Birthday, Bob!1983TV SpecialHimself
Parade of Stars1983TV MovieHimself
Texaco Star Theatre Presents Bob Hope in 'Who Makes the World Laugh?'1983TV MovieHimself
Bob Hope's Road to Hollywood1983TV MovieHimself
The 10th Annual American Music Awards1983TV SpecialHimself
George Burns and Other Sex Symbols1982TV SpecialGeorge Burns

Archive Footage

America's Clown: An Intimate Biography of Red Skelton2014VideoHimself
Pioneers of Television2008-2014TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself - Burns and Allen Show / Himself
Carson on TCM2013TV Series documentaryHimself
Excavating the 2000 Year Old Man2012Documentary shortHimself
Betty White's 90th Birthday: A Tribute to America's Golden Girl2012TV SpecialHimself
Gloria: In Her Own Words2011TV Movie documentaryHimself
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work2010DocumentaryHimself
Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America2009TV Series documentaryHimself
Mel Blanc: The Man of a Thousand Voices2008Video documentaryHimself
The 80th Annual Academy Awards2008TV SpecialHimself (uncredited)
The O'Reilly Factor2008TV SeriesHimself
The Dawn of Sound: How Movies Learned to Talk2007Video documentaryGeorge the Boyfriend (as Burns)
Larry King Live: The Greatest Interviews2007VideoHimself
100 Greatest Stand-Ups2007TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Kingston Trio: 50 Years of Havin' Fun2006Video documentary
60 Minutes2003-2006TV Series documentaryHimself - Comedian
The Barbara Walters Summer Special2006TV SeriesHimself
The Best of the Royal Variety2006TV SeriesHimself
I Love the '70s: Volume 22006TV SeriesHimself
Cavett Remembers the Comic Legends2006Video documentary shortHimself
Paul Henning & The Hillbillies2005Video documentaryHimself
Just for Laughs2005TV SeriesHimself
100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time2004TV Mini-SeriesHimself #31
Larry King Live2003TV SeriesHimself
Cher: The Farewell Tour2003TV Movie documentaryHimself
Mwah! The Best of the Dinah Shore Show2003TV Movie documentaryHimself
Smothered: The Censorship Struggles of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour2002TV Movie documentaryHimself
Biography1998-2002TV Series documentaryHimself
Bob Hope's Funniest Out-Takes2002TV MovieHimself
Hollywood Remembers2000TV Series documentary
The Best of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts1998TV Movie documentaryHimself - Roaster
American Masters1997TV Series documentaryHimself
Naked Songs: The Life & Times of Rickie Lee Jones1996DocumentaryHimself
Classic Stand-Up Comedy of Television1996TV Special documentaryHimself
Kelsey Grammer Salutes Jack Benny1995TV Movie documentaryHimself
Pioneers of Primetime1995TV Movie documentaryHimself
50 Years of Funny Females1995TV Movie documentaryHimself
Larry King Live: 10th Anniversary Volume One1995Video documentaryHimself
Paul Merton's Palladium Story1994TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
Legends of Comedy1992TV Movie documentary
Memories of 1970-19911991TV Series documentaryHimself
60 Minutes: The Entertainers1991TV Movie documentaryHimself
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson1990TV SeriesHimself - from the Bob Hope NBC Special DON'T SHOOT: IT'S ONLY ME
Playboy Playmates of the Year: The 80's1989Video documentaryHimself (uncredited)
Classic Comedy Teams1986Video documentaryHimself
Bodywatch1986TV SeriesHimself
The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years1986TV MovieHimself
Going Hollywood: The '30s1984Documentary
The Great Standups1984TV Movie documentaryHimself
Of Muppets and Men: The Making of 'The Muppet Show'1981TV Movie documentaryHimself
TV: The Fabulous Fifties1978TV MovieHimself
Bob Hope's World of Comedy1976TV MovieHimself
The Hollywood Palace1970TV SeriesHimself
Hollywood and the Stars1963TV SeriesHimself
Screen Snapshots Series 33, No. 10: Hollywood Grows Up1954Documentary shortFilm Clips Character
Screen Snapshots: Memories of Famous Hollywood Comedians1952Documentary shortHimself


Won Awards

2005OFTA TV Hall of FameOnline Film & Television AssociationActors and Actresses
1995Life Achievement AwardScreen Actors Guild Awards
1994Lifetime Achievement AwardPublicists Guild of America
1991Lifetime Achievement AwardBritish Comedy AwardsInternational.
1990Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Performance in Informational ProgrammingA Conversation with... (1988)
1988Lifetime Achievement Award in ComedyAmerican Comedy Awards, USA
1987Lifetime Achievement Award in ComedyAmerican Comedy Awards, USA
1980Pasinetti AwardVenice Film FestivalBest ActorGoing in Style (1979)
1978Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActorOh, God! (1977)
1976OscarAcademy Awards, USABest Actor in a Supporting RoleThe Sunshine Boys (1975)
1976Golden GlobeGolden Globes, USABest Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy or MusicalThe Sunshine Boys (1975)
1975Golden AppleGolden Apple AwardsMale Star of the Year

Who, after open-heart surgery at the age of 79, has come back to star in The Sunshine Boys

1960Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameMotion PictureOn 8 February 1960. At 1639 Vine Street.
1960Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameTelevisionOn 8 February 1960. At 6510 Hollywood Blvd.
1960Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameLive PerformanceOn 8 February 1960. At 6672 Hollywood Blvd.

Nominated Awards

1985Saturn AwardAcademy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USABest ActorOh, God! You Devil (1984)
1984Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music ProgramGeorge Burns Celebrates 80 Years in Show Business (1983)
1979Stinker AwardThe Stinkers Bad Movie AwardsWorst On-Screen CoupleJust You and Me, Kid (1979)
1978Primetime EmmyPrimetime Emmy AwardsOutstanding Special - Comedy-Variety or MusicThe George Burns One-Man Show (1977)

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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