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Is active blogging your everyday bread? Your blog-posts are real sensible but are not getting enough hits? Or do you simply need a megaphone to drive your lovely posts to an active audience? Here is one heck of a platform designed just for you! – a free and open magazine – a one-of-its-kind vista for budding writers; a democratic conglomeration of views and news – a totally new web domain! Powered by people like you – people who believe in the power of collaboration and the might of the written word. Obviously, we’re Open Source – imbibing the virtue of free sharing of knowledge from visionaries like Richard Stallman and Jimmy Wales.

Wikitoday was officially launched by us this New Year’s day, placing firm trust on our brotherhood – that’s you! We appreciate your quest for quality blog-posts, and we also know that taut thinking and smart compiling must never go unnoticed. Which is why we feel your writing deserves a massive dais – one like

It’s easy: just send us the links of each of your new posts and it appears on our page! Along with your links, of course.

Just imagine being credited, being commented, why, being searched for! We’re not kidding –pages carrying your posts will direct our readers to your domain, and you know that means more visitors, more followers to your blog – come on, people, its time you got bigger!

Game? Register for free at and start posting now – the world is waiting to hear out your story!


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