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Net Worth$4 million
Date Of BirthApril 14, 1975
MarkSignature Move: Headscissor Takedown
FactTraining WWE Diva, Christy Hemme, to wrestle. [March 2005]
PaymentsEarned $495,700 from WWE Confidential (2002)

Amy Elizabeth “Lita” Dumas is an American professional wrestler, singer and actress. She is best known for her time with WWE under the ring name Lita.

Dumas was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on April 14, 1975. She has an older sister named Lisa. Dumas’ parents divorced when she was young and she was raised by her mother. Dumas began watching wrestling at the age of 12 and became a fan of Bret Hart.

Dumas attended many different schools throughout her childhood and adolescence, including Georgia Military College, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She began working as a roadie for a local band in Charlotte called “Handsome Ransom”. Dumas then began working as a professional wrestler in Mexico in 1999.

Dumas made her debut in WWE in 2000. She quickly became one of the most popular wrestlers in the company. Dumas won the WWE Women’s Championship four times and the WWE Hardcore Championship once. She also had a successful career as a singer, releasing two albums with her band “The Luchagors”.

Dumas retired from wrestling in 2006 due to injuries. She made occasional appearances for WWE until 2011. In 2014, Dumas was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Dumas has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She has been in relationships with wrestlers Matt Hardy and CM Punk. Dumas has one daughter.

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Full NameLita
Net Worth$4 million
Date Of BirthApril 14, 1975
Height1.68 m
Weight57.15 kg
ProfessionActor, Model, Professional Wrestler, Singer, White Boy, Already Gone, When I Get You Alone
EducationGeorgia State University


ParentsMike Dumas
SiblingsBilly Dumas


Music GroupsThe Luchagors
MoviesNine Legends, ECW on TNN
TV ShowsECW Hardcore TV, Saturday Night's Main Event

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#Marks / Signs
1Trademark move: Monkey Flip
2Trademark move: Snap Suplex
3Finishing Move: Spinning Out Powerbomb
4Signature Move: Russian Leg Sweep
5Signature Move: Headscissor Takedown
6Signature Move: One-legged Monkey Flip
7Finishing Move: Moonsault
8New Finishing move: Rear Naked Choke (Sleeper with a scissors hold)
9Trademark move: The Litacarana (Top Rope Diving Hurricarana)
10Finishing move: Reverse (Extreme) Twist of Fate
11Finishing move: The Lita DDT
12Dare-devil moves in the ring
13Has a large tattoo of a gargoyle on her shoulder
14Red Hair
15Wears pants low to reveal a thong


WWE Confidential (2002)$495,700


1If it's not in your heart you're not gonna make it. At the end, looking back, you know its worth it.
2I try not to think too much when I'm in the ring. I just do what comes naturally.


1Born at 10:36 AM (EDT).
2Is the godmother of Maximus, the son of Trish Stratus.
3WWE Hall of Famer.
4Amy's character Lita, is now in a storyline with on and off screen boyfriend Matt Hardy, and Kane. She is pregnant and the baby could be either Matt's or Kane's [July 2004]
5Made her WWE debut, along with ex-boyfriend Essa Rios [February 2000]
6Defeated Mickie James on WWE Monday Night RAW and is now the current WWE Women's Champion. [August 2006]
7Working on getting the Women's Championship back. [March 2004]
8Lost WWE's Women's Championship to Mickie James at Survivor Series. [November 2006]
9Defeated Trish Stratus to capture her second WWE Women's Championship. [December 2004]
10Will "marry" the winner of the 'Til Death Do Us Part match between Kane and Matt Hardy at Summerslam 2004. [August 2004]
11Was shown on-screen during the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, sitting alongside her friend WWE Superstar CM Punk. [March 2012]
12Lost her "baby" when Kane accidentally fell on Lita after he was hit in the back by a steel chair by newcomer Gene Snitsky. [September 2004]
13On December 12, 2011: She appeared as the Slammy Award presenter for the "Divalicious Moment of 2011" on Raw, which was won by WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. [December 2011]
14On the December 10, 2007, RAW XV: 15 Year Anniversary Spectacular, Lita made a special appearance, engaging in a stare down with long-time rival Trish Stratus. However, Jillian Hall interrupted the stand-off, resulting in Lita and Stratus attacking her and then celebrating together in the ring. Lita also appeared in a humorous backstage segment with Kane, her former on-screen husband. [December 2007]
15Returned to action on Monday Night Raw teaming up with Edge in a mixed tag match against John Cena and Maria. [February 2006]
16Band will be releasing their first CD on September 11th 2007. [August 2007]
17Was scheduled to have ACL surgery on the 13th of January. The normal rehab time for wrestlers who suffer this kind of injury is 6+ months. Fellow WWE wrestler Jazz suffered the same injury however in 2002, and was out for 9 months. [January 2005]
18Has her own Radio show, PunkRockalypse [May 2007]
19Regained the WWE Women's Championship by defeating Mickie James in Cyber Sunday. [November 2006]
20Married Kane on the August 23rd episode of RAW. [August 2004]
21Made an appearance as Lita on the November 1, 2010 edition of Raw in a segment with Pee Wee Herman. This is her 2nd appearance on WWE TV since her retirement in 2006. [November 2010]
22Defeated Torrie Wilson on Monday Night Raw with a DDT. [July 2006]
23WWE currently have Lita co-hosting 'The Cutting Edge' with Edge as the main host, which is similar to 'The Highlight Reel' and 'Carlito's Cabana' This signals she is still not ready to return to the ring as it's another non- wrestling storyline. [December 2005]
24No longer wears the brace for her injured knee, and has four months remaining of rehab before she can return to the ring. [June 2005]
25Performs In Various City's with her Band The Luchagors [June 2007]
26## Lost her Women's Title to Trish Stratus at New Year's Revolution after Lita hurt her left knee/leg when she tried to execute a Lou Thesz Press from the ring apron onto Trish who was on the outside of the ring. Lita could be out of action for awhile due to this injury. [January 2005]
27Now retired from WWE, her last match was at Survivor Series. [November 2006]
28Lost the womens championship to Trish Stratus after Trish applied the sharpshooter. It was Trish's final match. [September 2006]
29Wrestled in her first singles match on Raw against Maria after getting rid of "ring rust" at several House Shows. [March 2006]
30Must "marry" Kane, the father of her "baby", after he beat Matt Hardy in a 'Till Death Do Us Part' match at Summerslam 2004. [August 2004]
31Training WWE Diva, Christy Hemme, to wrestle. [March 2005]
32Returned to RAW in mid-September while saving fellow wrestler Trish. [September 2003]
33Will be returning to the ring in August [July 2003]
34Published author.
35Only female in WWE history (along with Lisa Marie Varon) to compete in a Steel Cage Match.
36Only female in WWE history to win her 1st and 2nd WWE Women's Championship in Raw Main Events (2000 and 2004).
37Is the only woman in WWE to be involved in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.
38Was the first person to face Trish Stratus in a match and was also Stratus's opponent in her retirement match.
39For her song on the WWE Originals album, "I Know When I Get You Alone" she played the drums as well as singing.
40Lead singer for the band, "The Luchagors".
41She was morally against filming a sex scene with on-screen lover Edge during an episode of "RAW". She was forced to film the scene and later said it was worst day in wrestling that she'd ever experienced.
42She had three dogs: Cody, who passed away from cancer in 2003, Mason (also deceased - car accident), and Lucas (currently living with Matt Hardy following their separation).
43Won the Santa's Little Helpers Match with Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler in December 2003. They defeated Nora Greenwald (aka "Molly Holly"), Jackie Gayda (aka "Miss Jackie") and Lisa Marie Varon (aka "Victoria").
44Won the 2004 Diva Battle Royal for the number one contender spot. She threw out Gail Kim and Jazz and later drop kicked Trish Stratus out of the ring.
45Is close friends with fellow wrestlers Trish Stratus, Lisa Marie Varon (aka "Victoria"), Stacy Keibler, Matt Hardy and Shane Helms (aka "Gregory Helms").
46Her favorite movie is Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985).
47First Woman to ever put an offensive move against Chyna.
48Her previous jobs are played in a band, worked at animal shelters, dancer.
49She has managed the following people Christopher Daniels (Indy Feds), Danny Doring & Roadkill (ECW), Essa Rios, Matt and Jeff Hardy (WWF/E), Kane, Edge (WWE)
50Major injuries she has had are Popped scapula, Broken neck, Chipped tooth, torn ACL and Meniscus in knee
51Was majoring in Education from Georgia State University
52The only diva to win her two championships in a main event match on WWE RAW
53Was nicknamed 'The Walking Kiss of Death' by Trish Stratus, after all of Lita's team mates either vanished or were hit by serious injury.
54Was in the first ever Women's Steel Cage match on Raw (11/24/2003) against Victoria. She lost the match due to interference from Matt Hardy.
55Got her gargoyle tattoo (upper shoulder) in Amsterdam.
56Has the word 'Punk' on the inside of her lower lip.
57Parents divorced when she was 17.
58Has a younger brother named Billy born on December 31, 1979.
59Released her autobiography 'A R.O.A.D Less Traveled: The Reality of Amy Dumas'
60Started the Animal Fundraiser A.D.O.R.E (Amy Dumas Operation Rescue and Education)
61Adopted a tan Terrier puppy named Mason (July 2003), her other dog Cody died of cancer in April 2003 at the age of 11.
62Her dog Cody, died at the age of 11 of cancer (April 2003)
63Her parents divorced before she graduated from high school
64Has a doberman pinscher named Cody
65Has around 70-80 thongs
66Is of Irish, French, Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.
67She and now-confirmed boyfriend and fellow wrestler, Matt Hardy, have finally revealed an off-screen relationship after years of speculation in various WWE interviews (Jan 2003).
68Dropped out of college after her freshman year to pursue wrestling as a career.
69Broke her neck while filming the season finale for Dark Angel (2000) when the stunt-woman did not hold her properly while she was doing a "Litacanrana" causing her to land on her head, ironically the season finale turned out to be the series finale.
70Walked around for 17 days before finding out that her neck was broken.
71Is the un-official "foreman" of Matt Hardy's house while it is being constructed.
72Played the bass for a band she was a part of called 3-Card Trick.
73Has a younger brother.
74Amy is trained in judo and kickboxing.
75Prior to getting into wrestling in 1998 worked as a swimming instructor, a band roadie and in a tattoo parlor.
76Won the WWF women's title from Stephanie McMahon on August 21, 2000.
77Has had an action figure of herself made.
78Before becoming a regular on WWF TV, appeared as one of the Godfather's hos on "Raw is War".
79Became interested in wrestling after watching Rey Mysterio (aka "Rey Mysterio Jr.").



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Lipstick & Dynamite, Piss & Vinegar: The First Ladies of Wrestling2004TV Movie documentaryLita (uncredited)
WWE Bloodbath: Wrestling's Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches2003VideoLita

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