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Date Of BirthNovember 16, 1916
DiedMay 18, 1988, Culver City, California, United States
SpouseMyrtis Martin Butler
MarkThe voice of Huckleberry Hound
FactFriend and mentor of Lee Harris, who did voices for Men in Black (1997), among other recorded and live performances.

Daws Butler was an American voice actor and comedian. He was born in Toledo, Ohio, on November 16, 1916, to Mabel and Charles Butler. He had two older sisters, Dorothy and Gladys. He was educated at Toledo’s Waite High School. His first job was as a clerk in a department store. He later worked as a radio announcer and as a stand-up comedian.

Butler’s career as a voice actor began in the early 1940s. He provided the voices for many characters on the radio show “The Jack Benny Program.” He also worked on the “Burns and Allen” show and the ” Fibber McGee and Molly” show. In the 1950s, he began working in television. He provided the voice for the character of Elroy Jetson on the “The Jetsons” show. He also did voice work for the “Huckleberry Hound” show, the “Yogi Bear” show, and the “Quick Draw McGraw” show.

In the 1960s, Butler began working on animated films. He provided the voice for the character of Captain Hook in the film “Peter Pan.” He also did voice work for the “The Jungle Book” film and the “The Aristocats” film. In the 1970s, he did voice work for the “Charlotte’s Web” film and the “The Rescuers” film.

Butler retired from acting in 1981. He died of a heart attack on May 18, 1988, at his home in Los Angeles, California.

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Full NameDaws Butler
Date Of BirthNovember 16, 1916
DiedMay 18, 1988, Culver City, California, United States
ProfessionVoice Actor, Writer


SpouseMyrtis Martin Butler
ChildrenPaul Butler, David Butler, Don Butler, Charles Butler
ParentsRuth Butler, Charles Allen Butler


MoviesHey There, It's Yogi Bear!, The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, The Phantom Tollbooth, Yogi's First Christmas, Loopy De Loop, Yogi Bear's All Star Comedy Christmas Caper, Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose, Rockin' with Judy Jetson, Yogi and the Invasion of the Space Bears, The Good,...
TV ShowsThe Jetsons, The Huckleberry Hound Show, The Flintstones, Wally Gator, The Yogi Bear Show, Peter Potamus, Hokey Wolf, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, Snooper and Blabber, Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks, Help!... It's the Hair Bear Bunch!, Wacky Races, Time for Beany, The Quick Draw McGraw Show, The Ru...

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#Marks / Signs
1The voice of Huckleberry Hound


1What I ended up doing, the voicing, is all I ever wanted to do. I never really hungered to be on camera or to be recognized in public. I don't see the point in it. That's flattery. The amazing thing is that once in a while somebody recognizes something in the timbre of my voice and says, "Are you Daws Butler?" That's nice that they like my work, but I really like being withdrawn and anonymous.
2Sensitivity is at the bottom of the whole thing and caring about what you do.
3You have your hardware and your software. You have the machine to do it and then you need the stuff inside to put into it. The hardware is your lips, your tongue, your chest -- all the ways you get the voice projected. The software is in your head and that's where your material comes from. That's what makes it work.
4[in 1975 to writer Joe Bevilacqua, on the art of acting] I want you to understand the words. I want you to taste the words. I want you to love the words. Because the words are important. But they're only words. You leave them on the paper and you take the thoughts and put them into your mind and then you as an actor recreate them, as if the thoughts had suddenly just occurred to you.


1Friend and mentor of Lee Harris, who did voices for Men in Black (1997), among other recorded and live performances.
2Sons Paul (in music), David (advertising), Don (mailman in Beverley Hills) and Charles/Chaz (doing odd jobs). Their mother Myrtis is 90.
3After he finished his service in the Navy (in World War II) and decided to take his family to Hollywood (rather than New York), they made the trek from Illinios with bad brakes all the way.
4His very first cartoon character was a kind of "smug" British character, as he termed it. He recorded that voice sometime in the 1940s. This came about after he tried to break into cartoon voices at Warner Brothers. Everyone asked, "Why do you bother? Mel Blanc does everything." Warners did not use him initially, although it later would use him (without on-screen credit) in several of its cartoons in the late 1950s -- most notably as the voices of Ralph Krumden and Ned Morton in "The Honeymousers". Warner also referred him to Johnny Burton and Tex Avery, who helped him get that very first voice credit.
5Following his five-year run on puppet show Time for Beany (1949), Daws did struggle for a while. Many producers and directors refused to believe that he could still do cartoon voices. They told him, "We're not doing anything with puppets anymore!" So Daws sent out letters to 100-200 Hollywood producers, telling them that he had talent to do voices and he could also write comic material. The remarkable thing was that he did not use a mimeograph or photocopier (the latter technology being unavailable at the time). Daws actually wrote out each and every one of those 100+ letters individually.
6The story of where Butler's Cap'n Crunch voice came from is more interesting than simply that he was imitating late actor Charles Butterworth. Daws originally used that voice as a king in countless "Fractured Fairy Tale" cartoons (from the Rocky and His Friends (1959)). After Jay Ward told Butler that he felt that this would be a good voice for Cap'n Crunch, never again did he use that voice for cartoons outside of these commercials.
7His attempts to overcome shyness actually predated the amateur contests that he entered. When he was a junior in high school, he took Public Speaking. That was his first step. He claimed that he made a gag routine out of every speech that he gave (and in the process, antagonized his Public Speaking teacher).
8Close friend and mentor of Nancy Cartwright, best known as the voice of Bart on The Simpsons (1989).
9Voiced the characters of Fred and Barney in "The Flagstones" - the 42-second pilot for the show that eventually became The Flintstones (1960).
10Voice of cartoon characters like Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound.
11Substituted for Mel Blanc as Barney Rubble on The Flintstones (1960) (while the former recovered from a serious car accident) in 5 episodes from 1961: "Droop Along Flintstone", "Fred Flintstone Woos Again", "The Hit Song Writers", "The Rock Quarry Story" and "The Little White Lie".




Little Skeeter1969ShortHappy Harry (voice)
Wacky Races1968-1969TV SeriesRock Slag / Red Max / Peter Perfect / ...
The Banana Splits Adventure Hour1969TV SeriesBingo
The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn1968TV Series
The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour1968TV SeriesVarious Characters (voice)
Highway Hecklers1968ShortChilly Willy Maxie the Polar Bear Colonel Pot Shot ... (voice)
Hook, Line, and Stinker1968ShortFisherman (voice)
Off to See the Wizard1967-1968TV SeriesScarecrow Tin Man Wizard of Oz
Under Sea Dogs1968ShortChilly Willy Maxie the Polar Bear Commander Shortsnort ... (voice)
Chiller Dillers1967ShortChilly Willy / Polar Bear / Captain / ... (voice)
Merlin the Magic Mouse1967ShortMerlin / Second Banana / Cat (voice)
George of the Jungle1967TV SeriesAdditional Voices (voice)
Chilly and the Woodchopper1967ShortChilly Willy Smedley Lumberjack (voice)
Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker1967ShortNarrator / Louie the Litterbug / Chief / ... (voice)
Horse Play1967Short voice
Hot Time on Ice1967ShortChilly Willy (voice)
The Nautical Nut1967Short voice
Vicious Viking1967ShortChilly Willy Smedley Sven Yonayon (voice)
The Super 61966TV Series
The Space Kidettes1966TV SeriesCaptain Skyhook / Static (voice)
Teeny Weeny Meany1966ShortChilly Willy Narrator Smedley ... (voice)
Practical Yolk1966ShortNarrator (voice, uncredited)
South Pole Pals1966ShortChilly Willy Smedley Mr. Abernathy ... (voice)
Polar Fright1966ShortChilly Willy (voice)
Alice in Wonderland or What's a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This?1966TV MovieThe King of Hearts The March Hare Sportscaster ... (voice)
Snow Place Like Home1966ShortChilly Willy Smedley Narrator (voice)
Operation Shanghai1966ShortChilly Willy (voice)
The Flintstones1960-1965TV SeriesBarney Rubble / Elephant / Voices / ...
The Peter Potamus Show1964-1965TV SeriesPeter Potamus / Yahooey
The Secret Squirrel Show1965TV SeriesAdditional Voices
Big Mouse-Take1965ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Pesty Guest1965ShortChilly Willy Smedley Hunter (voice)
Sioux Me1965ShortFink Fox / Truck Driver / Indian Chief (voice)
Crow's Fete1965ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Half Baked Alaska1965ShortChilly Willy Smedley Blacksmith ... (voice)
Pork Chop Phooey1965ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Fractured Friendship1965ShortSmedley / Radio Announcer (voice)
Guest Who?1965ShortJunior Beary / Bunky (voice)
Horse Shoo1965ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Three Little Woodpeckers1965ShortWolf / Narrator (voice)
Habit Troubles1964ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Ski-napper1964ShortChilly Willy (voice)
Jonny Quest1964TV SeriesMaharaja / Corbin / Gunderson
Bear Knuckles1964ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
The Woody Woodpecker Show1964TV SeriesChilly Willy Andy Panda Smedley ...
The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo1964TV Series voice
Trouble Bruin1964ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Mary Poppins1964Turtle / Penguin (voice, uncredited)
Lighthouse-keeping Blues1964ShortSmedley / Narrator / Headmaster (voice)
Hey There, It's Yogi Bear1964Yogi Bear (voice)
Bear Hug1964ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Deep Freeze Squeeze1964ShortNarrator Chilly Willy Smedley (voice)
Elephantastic1964ShortLoopy De Loop / Elephant (voice)
Raggedy Rug1964ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Habit Rabbit1963ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Crook Who Cried Wolf1963ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Bear Up!1963ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Drum-Sticked1963ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Not in Nottingham1963ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Wally Gator1963TV SeriesWally Gator
Wolf in Sheep Dog's Clothing1963ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Coy Decoy1963Short voice
Sheep Stealers Anonymous1963ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Salmon Loafer1963ShortSmedley (voice)
A Fallible Fable1963ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Whatcha Watchin'1963ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Chicken Hearted Wolf1963ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
The New Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Series1962-1963TV SeriesWally Gator Lippy the Lion
Just a Wolf at Heart1963ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Greedy Gabby Gator1963ShortGabby Gator
The Great Rights1963Short voice
Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har1962TV SeriesLippy the Lion
Bunnies Abundant1962ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Rancid Ransom1962ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Crowin' Pains1962Short voice
Chicken Fracas-See1962ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Little Woody Riding Hood1962ShortGabby Gator (voice)
Slippery Slippers1962ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Bearly Able1962ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Careless Caretaker1962ShortSmedley (voice)
Mexican Boarders1962ShortNarrator (voice, uncredited)
Common Scents1962ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Rocket Racket1962ShortGabby Gator (voice)
Swash Buckled1962ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Fowled-Up Birthday1962ShortCharlie Beary Charlie Beary Jr. (Junior Beary) Goose Beary (voice)
Room and Bored1962ShortNarrator / Smedley (voice)
Beef for and After1962ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Bungle Uncle1962ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Rock-a-Bye Gator1962ShortGabby Gator / Narrator (voice)
Fish and Chips1962ShortSmedley / Mailman / Colonel Blueblood (voice)
The Yogi Bear Show1961-1962TV SeriesYogi Bear Snagglepuss Fibber Fox ...
Loopy's Hare-Do1961ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
The Huckleberry Hound Show1958-1961TV SeriesHuckleberry Hound Dixie Mr. Jinks ...
Kooky Loopy1961ShortLoopy De Loop / Policeman (voice)
Quick Draw McGraw1959-1961TV SeriesBaba Looey Augie Doggie Snooper ...
Top Cat1961TV SeriesA.T.
Catch Meow1961ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Voo-Doo Boo-Boo1961ShortGabby Gator (voice)
Child Sock-Cology1961ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Zoo Is Company1961ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Franken-Stymied1961ShortMad Scientist (voice)
Fee Fie Foes1961ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
St. Moritz Blitz1961ShortSmedley / Innkeeper (voice)
This Is My Ducky Day1961ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Papoose on the Loose1961Short
Two Faced Wolf1961ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Gabby's Diner1961ShortGabby Gator / Narrator (voice)
Happy Go Loopy1961ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Snagglepuss1961TV SeriesSnagglepuss (voice)
Count Down Clown1961ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
The Bullwinkle Show1960TV SeriesAesop Jr. / Additional voices (voice, uncredited)
Southern Fried Hospitality1960ShortGabby Gator / Narrator (voice)
The Bugs Bunny Show1960TV SeriesVarious Characters (voice)
The Dixie Fryer1960ShortPappy Buzzard / Elvis Buzzard (voice, uncredited)
Rocky and His Friends1959-1960TV SeriesVarious Fairy Tale Characters
No Biz Like Shoe Biz1960ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Fish Hooked1960ShortSmedley / Narrator / Dog Catcher (voice)
Here, Kiddie, Kiddie1960ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Mice Follies1960ShortNed Morton (voice)
Mouse and Garden1960ShortSam (voice, uncredited)
The Do-Good Wolf1960ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Snoopy Loopy1960ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Creepy Time Pal1960ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Life with Loopy1960ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
The Ruff & Reddy Show1957-1960TV SeriesReddy / Captain Greedy / Killer / ...
Person to Bunny1960ShortEdward R. Burrows (voice, uncredited)
Tale of a Wolf1960ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
Wild Wild World1960ShortCave Darroway (voice, uncredited)
People Are Bunny1959ShortArt Lamplighter (voice, uncredited)
Little Bo Bopped1959ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
1001 Arabian Nights1959Omar the Rugmaker (voice)
Wolf Hounded1959ShortLoopy De Loop (voice)
The Best of Mr. Peabody & Sherman1959TV Series
Romp in a Swamp1959ShortAli Gator (voice)
Here Today, Gone Tamale1959ShortMice (voice, uncredited)
Terror Faces Magoo1959ShortWaldo (voice, uncredited)
Bee Bopped1959ShortWindy Breezy (voice)
Backwoods Bunny1959ShortPappy Buzzard / Elvis Buzzard (voice, uncredited)
A Mutt in a Rut1959ShortVarious (voice, uncredited)
Merry Minstrel Magoo1959ShortWaldo / Dentist (voice, uncredited)
Yukon Have It1959ShortSmedley / Caribou Lou (voice)
Trick or Tweet1959ShortSam (voice, uncredited)
Robinson Gruesome1959ShortRobinson Gruesome / Ape / Narrator (voice)
The Alphabet Conspiracy1959TV MovieJabberwock and animated characters (voice, uncredited)
Truant Student1959ShortWindy Breezy Truant Officer Willoughby (voice)
Inside India1959ShortDoc Twiddle
Little Televillain1958ShortSmedley / Mr. Stoop / Car Salesman (voice)
Three-Ring Fling1958ShortWindy (voice)
Love Comes to Magoo1958ShortMale Crook / Construction Workers
Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks1958TV SeriesDixie / Jinks (voice)
A Bird in a Bonnet1958ShortMan in sewer (voice, uncredited)
Tree's a Crowd1958ShortCol. Fleabush / Bus Driver guide / Filbert (voice)
A Chilly Reception1958ShortChilly Willy (voice)
Tot Watchers1958Short voice
Everglade Raid1958ShortAll I.Gator (voice)
Magoo's Three-Point Landing1958ShortMechanic / Pilot (voice, uncredited)
The Explosive Mr. Magoo1958ShortSalesman / Newspaper Editor / Police Chief (voice, uncredited)
A Waggily Tale1958ShortJunior / Elvis / Little Girl's Dad / ... (voice, uncredited)
Polar Pest1958ShortChilly Willy / Clyde (voice)
Salmon Yeggs1958ShortNarrator / Windy / Breezy / ... (voice)
Watch the Birdie1958ShortBirdwatcher / Lovebird (male) / Hummingbird (voice)
A Pizza Tweety-Pie1958ShortSpaghetti Bird (voice, uncredited)
Sheep Wrecked1958ShortWolf (voice, uncredited)
Drafty, Isn't It?1957ShortRalph Phillips / Willie N. List / Barber / ... (voice)
Magoo's Private War1957ShortWaldo (voice, uncredited)
Fodder and Son1957ShortFodder (Windy) / Son (Breezy) (voice)
Fowled-Up Party1957ShortSam / Dog / Farmer (voice)
Tom's Photo Finish1957ShortGeorge (voice, uncredited)
The Big Snooze1957ShortRanger Clyde (voice)
Blackboard Jumble1957ShortWolf / Teacher (voice, uncredited)
Magoo Saves the Bank1957ShortWaldo (voice, uncredited)
Mucho Mouse1957ShortTom (voice, uncredited)
To Catch a Woodpecker1957ShortPresident / O'Hoolihan / Elevator Operator / ... (voice)
Scat Cats1957ShortSpike / Spike's Owner / Butch / ... (voice, uncredited)
Tabasco Road1957ShortMouse (voice, uncredited)
The Unbearable Salesman1957ShortCharlie Bear (voice)
Fox-Terror1957ShortBarnyard Dog (voice, uncredited)
Tom and Jerry World Champions2010ShortTom (voice)
Cheese It, the Cat!1957ShortRalph Crumden Ned Morton (voice, uncredited)
Merrie Melodies: Starring Bugs Bunny and Friends1990TV SeriesVarious Characters (voice)
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Yogi & the Invasion of the Space Bears1988TV MovieYogi Bear (voice)
Go Fly a Kit1957ShortCounter Man (voice, uncredited)
Yogi's Treasure Hunt1985-1988TV SeriesYogi Bear Huckleberry Hound Quick Draw McGraw ...
Tops with Pops1957ShortSpike (voice)
The Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry Hound1988TV MovieHuckleberry Hound Yogi Bear Quick Draw McGraw ... (voice)
Magoo Goes Overboard1957ShortWaldo (voice, uncredited)
Rockin' with Judy Jetson1988TV MovieElroy Jetson (voice)
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Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy in the Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile1979TV ShortRaggedy Andy (voice)
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Barnaby and Me1979TV MovieBarnaby (voice)
Barbary-Coast Bunny1956ShortNasty Canasta (voice, uncredited)
The Popeye Valentine Special: Sweethearts at Sea1979TV MovieWimpy (voice)
Stupor Duck1956ShortNarrator / Newspaper Editor (voices) (voice, uncredited)
Understanding Alcohol Use and Abuse1979ShortReason (voice)
Room and Wrath1956ShortSmedley (voice)
Raggedy Ann and Andy in The Great Santa Claus Caper1978TV MovieRaggedy Andy (voice)
Busy Buddies1956ShortGeorge (voice)
Yogi's Space Race1978TV SeriesYogi Bear Huckleberry Hound Quick Draw McGraw
The Ostrich Egg and I1956ShortSamuel (voice)
Galaxy Goof-Ups1978TV SeriesYogi Bear Huckleberry Hound (1978) (voice)
Weasel Stop1956ShortDog (voice, uncredited)
The All-New Popeye Hour1978TV SeriesWimpy (voice)
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The Hanna-Barbera Happy Hour1978TV Series
The Tree Medic1955ShortTree Surgeon (voice, uncredited)
All-Star Comedy Ice Revue1978TV MovieHair Bear Huckleberry Hound Snagglepuss ... (voice)
Heir-Conditioned1955ShortAlley Cats (voice, uncredited)
Fred Flintstone and Friends1977TV Series voice
Pecos Pest1955ShortTV Announcer (uncredited)
Scooby's Laff-A Lympics1977TV SeriesSnagglepuss Yogi Bear Huckleberry Hound ... (voice)
Deputy Droopy1955ShortSheriff / Tall Robber (voice, uncredited)
The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour1976-1977TV SeriesScooby Dum
Hot and Cold Penguin1955ShortSmedley (voice, uncredited)
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Aesop & Son1976TV SeriesAdditional Voices (voice)
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The Legend of Rockabye Point1955ShortPolar Bear / Bulldog (voice, uncredited)
From Nags to Riches1975ShortLouie (voice)
I'm Cold1954ShortSmedley (voice, uncredited)
Saltwater Tuffy1975ShortLouie / Lucky McGraw (voice)
Convict Concerto1954ShortCop (voice, uncredited)
Bows and Errors1974ShortLouie (voice)
Pet Peeve1954ShortMan (voice, uncredited)
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The Big House Ain't a Home1974ShortLouie (voice)
The Farm of Tomorrow1954ShortScrawny Chick (voice, uncredited)
Heist and Seek1974ShortRocky / Sam Spaniel (voice)
Susan Slept Here1954Actor on TV (voice, uncredited)
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Under the Counter Spy1954ShortHammerer (voice, uncredited)
The Dogfather1974ShortPug / Louie (voice)
Billy Boy1954ShortFarmer (voice, uncredited)
Alphabet Roll Call1974ShortJack / Various letters (voice, uncredited)
The Spike Jones Show1954TV SeriesBeany
Yogi's Gang1973TV SeriesYogi Bear Quick Draw McGraw Huckleberry Hound ...
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Bailey's Comets1973TV SeriesDooter Roo
Crazy Mixed Up Pup1954ShortSamuel / Dog / Milkman (voice, uncredited)
A Christmas Story1972TV MovieGumdrop (voice)
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The Roman Holidays1972TV SeriesBrutus, the lion
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Little Johnny Jet1953ShortFather Jet (uncredited)
Wait Till Your Father Gets Home1972TV Series
Fit to Be Tied1952ShortSpike (uncredited)
The New Scooby-Doo Movies1972TV SeriesLarry Fine Curly Joe DeRita Voice
Rock-a-Bye Bear1952ShortDog pound proprietor / Joe Bear (voice)
Pecking Holes in Poles1972ShortFloyd Farkle / Boss (voice)
One Cab's Family1952ShortJohn / Doctor (voice, uncredited)
Indian Corn1972ShortIndian Child (voice, uncredited)
Gift Wrapped1952ShortNarrator (voice, uncredited)
The Houndcats1972TV SeriesThe Chief
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The Rude Intruder1972ShortChilly Willy Maxie the Polar Bear Captain Slick ... (voice)
A Case for Hypnosis1952ShortProf. Lightskull (voice)
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A Case of Hypnosis1952TV MovieDoc Twiddle (voice)
The Funky Phantom1971TV SeriesJonathan 'Mudsy' Muddlemore (voice)
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Shanghai Woody1971ShortBartender / Captain / Rat (voice)
Sleepy-Time Tom1951ShortOne of Tom's Drunken Friends (voice, uncredited)
Kitty from the City1971ShortGeorge (voice, uncredited)
Time for Beany1950-1951TV SeriesBeany Uncle Captain
The Cat in the Hat1971TV ShortMr. Krinklebein the Fish (voice, as Dawes Butler)
Daredevil Droopy1951ShortThe Great Barko (voice, uncredited)
The Reluctant Recruit1971Short voice
Jerry and the Goldfish1951ShortRadio Chef François (voice, uncredited)
Sleepy Time Chimes1971Short voice
The Peachy Cobbler1950ShortNarrator (voice, uncredited)
Airlift a la Carte1971ShortChilly Willy Maxie the Polar Bear Gooney the Albatross ... (voice)
The Chump Champ1950ShortMaster of Ceremonies (voice, uncredited)
Chilly's Hide-a-Way1971ShortChilly Willy / Colonel Pot Shot / Policeman / ... (voice)
The Cuckoo Clock1950ShortNarrator / Cat (voice, uncredited)
The Phantom Tollbooth1970Whether Man / Senses Taker / Terrible Trivium / ... (voice)
Punchy de Leon1950ShortCrow (voice, uncredited)
Chilly's Cold War1970ShortChilly Willy Smedley Colonel Pot Shot (voice)
This Is Hawthorne1950TV Series
Buster's Last Stand1970Short voice
Out-Foxed1949ShortReginald Fox / Other Dogs (voice, uncredited)
Harlem Globe Trotters1970TV Series voice, uncredited
Little Rural Riding Hood1949ShortCity Wolf (voice, uncredited)
Coo Coo Nuts1970Short voice
Doggone Tired1949ShortHunter (voice)
Chilly's Ice Folly1970ShortChilly Willy (voice)
Heavenly Puss1949ShortConductor (voice, uncredited)
Gooney's Goofy Landings1970ShortChilly Willy Maxie the Polar Bear Gooney the Albatross ... (voice)
The Sailor and the Seagull1949ShortSeagull (voice, uncredited)
A Gooney Is Born1970ShortChilly Willy (voice)
The Hick Chick1946ShortCharles (voice, uncredited)
Loopy de Loop1969TV SeriesLoopy de Loop (voice)
Jerky Turkey1945ShortTurkey (voice, uncredited)
Sleepy Time Bear1969ShortChilly Willy (voice)
What's Buzzin' Buzzard?1943ShortJimmy Durante Buzzard / Rabbit (voice, uncredited)
Cattanooga Cats1969TV SeriesLambsy Divey / Crumden (voice)
Canine Commandos1943ShortSkunk / Sheepdog / St. Bernard (voice, uncredited)
Prehistoric Super Salesman1969ShortProf. Grossenfibber / Caveman / Man in Suit (voice)
Red Hot Riding Hood1943ShortWolf Howl (voice, uncredited)
Chilly and the Looney Gooney1969ShortChilly Willy / Gooney the Albatross / Colonel Pot Shot / ... (voice)
Project Reject1969ShortChilly Willy Narrator Smedley ... (voice)


Yogi's Gang1973TV Series performer - 1 episode
The Cat in the Hat1971TV Short performer: "Cat, Hat"
In the Bag1956Short lyrics: "Put It in the Bag The Humphrey Hop"
House of MouseTV Series lyrics - 1 episode, 2002 music - 1 episode, 2002
The Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry Hound1988TV Movie performer: "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"


Time for Beany1951TV Series 1 episode


Time for Beany1949TV Series puppeteer


A Yabba-Dabba-Doo Celebration!: 50 Years of Hanna-Barbera1989TV Movie documentary dedicatee


The Flintstones' 25th Anniversary Celebration1986TV Movie documentaryYogi Bear Huckleberry Hound Quick Draw McGraw (voice)
KTLA at 40: A Celebration of Los Angeles Television1986TV MovieHimself
Woody Woodpecker and His Friends1982Video documentaryVarious Voices (voice)
The Hanna-Barbera Hall of Fame: Yabba Dabba Doo II1979TV MovieHimself - Various Character Voices
B.C.: The First Thanksgiving1973TV Special shortB.C. / Cumsy Carp (voice)
You Bet Your Life1960TV SeriesHimself - Cartoon Voice Actor
Natural Vision 3-Dimension1952Documentary shortBeany

Archive Footage

Pioneers of Television2011TV Mini-Series documentaryHimself
Behind the Tunes: Looney Tunes Go Hollywood2004Video documentary shortRalph Crumden (uncredited)
Inside the Actors Studio2003TV SeriesHimself
Toonheads: The Lost Cartoons2000TV Movie documentaryRalph Phillips (uncredited)
The Flintstones: Wacky Inventions1994Video shortAdditional gadgets / Additional voices
Hey Folks, It's Intermission Time1993Video documentaryHimself
Daws Butler: Voice Magician1987TV MovieHimself


Won Awards

1984Winsor McCay AwardAnnie Awards

Source: IMDb, Wikipedia

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