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With blogs on the rise and electronic media becoming the future of writing, there is competition and pressure on writers to publicise their blogs, articles and any form of e-writing and to write right! has been founded with the objective of providing a platform to these writers to be heard, and to air their views for the world to see. It’s a platform where anyone anywhere in the world can express their opinion on Today’s News.

It is an “Open Source” Newspaper i.e. anyone, anywhere in the world can express their opinion about anything on Wikitoday by just logging into and submit their post! It is inspired by projects like Wikipedia, Linux, WordPress and people like Richard Stallman, Jimmy Wales and people who contribute to all open projects around the world. The site is built on the idea that everyone on Earth has something to say about something they’ve seen, heard, liked or disliked and no two people think the same: each has a perspective of his own, waiting to be known to the others.

Wikitoday offers to provide platform for these views. Writers can also promote their blogs through this website by adding their blog address in the writer’s description displayed at the end of every article. Founded in January 2011 as an Internet startup by a final year student of NIT Tiruchi, it has garnered around 20,000 views and 412 facebook likes till date. It is currently managed by a group of students and some alumni of NIT Tiruchi.  One of the main objectives it currently aims to address is the promotion of social causes among the student community.