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Chat on Chatter

An indispensable social tool, chatting is also one of the most vilified forms of...
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Titanic ship replica

Titanic 100th anniversary

It was a century back……on 10th April, 1912, RMS Titanic; a passenger liner started...
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gear up for 12-12-2012!

India’s first Biennale is going to be held in Kochin Fort and Muziris region...
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nature's fury

Why soo seriouss…Mother..

The battle between nature and science is one that shall last really long....Where then...
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Music Across The Borders

Indian Classical Music + clarinet + guitar = Shankar Tucker........Wanna know more?? Read through!!
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“KEPLER-22b”-Is it a worthy research?

Kepler-22b was discovered by NASA's Kepler space telescope as "Earth like" new planet...
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Cultural Policing- A threat to Freem of Expression

Where is our freedom of expression?
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VASIMR Spacecraft with Mars Lander

Exploring the ‘space’s….of the unexplored!!

India is achieving new heights in space technology and briskly catching up with the...
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Breaking Stereotypes

This place is a refuge to that part of us which wants to be...
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