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Music Across The Borders

It was just like any other exchange of music that happened with my classmate, and I realized that there was quite a phenomenon going
around in the current music scene. A beautiful amalgamation of Indian classical music with western sounds of clarinet, guitar etc. I am talking about Shankar Tucker….Haven’t heard him yet? I suggest you allow one of his videos to stream on your internet tabs.

A musician from Massachusetts, he came to India to learn Hindustani music after studying orchestral clarinet in Boston. He changed his name to ‘Shankar’ Tucker as suggested by Mata Amritanandamayi whom his family follows. And along with him, he’s brought in a sort of a new wave.

Mellowing down songs from Kollywood, Bollywood and Indian classical section and adding a hand full of soulful clarinet. He’s not only made a name for himself, but brought some talented vocalists into the limelight. In my circuit, some of them were amazed by the style, some who found it too slow, as of me, it gives me a sort of ethereal feeling, the entire ensemble.

I believe it’s a nice way to reconnect to some good old music. And let’s just say, may the winds of change bring in something that’s
unheard of……..