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SAMSUNG keeps upgrading itself every single day by bringing out various models of Smartphone as if every day was the last day for them on earth .Many times there is not much or just some marginal difference that is actually seen in the handsets that is released six months after the latest one was out in the market.

SAMSUNG GALAXY Y though it looks similar to the Smartphone remake of SAMSUNG’s popular CORBY line of feature phones is an exception to this above mentioned strategy of having no or minimal differences from the different types of phones being released in the market as it has gained considerable positive reviews in the market. It is released about half a year after Samsung Galaxy Mini was launched, and comparatively it enables teens and the emerging market to have an affordable handset without really burning a hole in one’s pocket.

BENEFITS: Compared to the last release that SAMSUNG had, SAMSUNG GALAXY Y has a slightly faster MHZ processor that enables many demanding applications to be performed in it at faster rate alongwith a very good and capable web browser. It has a decent internet service with a proper email client, good support for social networking and other applications and a proper media player with a clear clarity speaker that enables one to enjoy their favourite music on the whole run. It supports a standard battery having Li-Ion 1200 that lasts for up to 850 hour when it comes to 2G and up to 540 hours when it comes to 3G.The biggest improvement seen is the ANDROID OS VERSION. Now with all these extra fittings in the new avatar of SAMSUNG release you need not fret about the handset being heavy as the SAMSUNG GALAXY Y with all these extra features weighs just around 832 grams. DRAWBACKS: SAMSUNG GALAXY Y has a camera of just 2MP unlike the last release in the SAMSUNG family that had camera to be 3MP,but the screen resolution is same QVGA.Video capturing in SAMSUNG GALAXY Y is also very bad as it supports just at 320×240 pixels at 15 frames per second which is not that good for sharing . And that feature of SAMSUNG GALXY Y actually pushes off teens from opting for it .All these could be considered to an extent. But what is the use of having a phone with the not the right kind of display .The basic 3” LCD display of SAMSUNG GALAXY is quite small for an android phone and with low resolution OF 240×320 pixels .



DESIGN: After lots of hit and trial methods SAMSUNG finally has come out of its long term unbreakable spell of doing same cover designs having sea of black plastic rectangles or ovals. With this latest model of having a silver back cover and chrome like sides they have actually made their way out of their usual monotonous back cover.

ADDED BENEFITS: The dotted battery cover apart from breaking the monotony makes the phone user friendly for all the butter fingers out there in the crowd.

SIZE: THIN IS IN now. Right from our body types till the gadgets we use we prefer everything to be sleek and handy and SAMSUNG brings out GALAXY Y for the same purpose. Obviously when a handset with so many features is made affordable to the market at such a cheap rate the customers tend to question about its quality and its lasting period and this is exactly where SAMASUNG GALAXY Y failed to satisfy the buyers. Though it has the minimum desired features and classy looks that adds to the benefits of getting this easily affordable handset it feels like the manufacturer has skimped way too many features in order to stay mass market and affordable .

Overall GALAXY Y true to its word is pocket friendly .Though it lacks many features it is still an enormous improvement over feature phones like the CORBY range. But if the young generations out there need some useful handset to stand out of the group while not burning hole in your pocket you could always go for the SAMSUNG GALAXY Y PRO as GALAXY Y is youth’s handset while the GALAXY Y PRO is the youth’s Smartphone. Now is SAMSUNG trying to be user friendly or is it trying to save itself??? Wait and watch after 6 months!!!