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Free Apps for iPod Touch 4th Generation

An iPod Touch is a pseudo smartphone in the Utopian wifi world. A good investment for students, who cant afford the monthly charges of an iPhone and always live under the university network. But owning it is just a beginning,driving it to its complete potential is a different aspect. This review, takes a look at some of the apps that are useful, a must for every owner and most importantly available for free in the App Store.
1. Red Laser
An amazing bar-code reader which scans and matches with a database across thousands of online stores. It gives all the information regarding the product and based on current location provides the cost of the product in the nearby shops. Food products come with an additional information about the calorie content for the health concious lot. All it takes is to target the camera and align the code within the arrow marks on the screen.Easy and quick.
2. PS Express
iPod 4G comes with two cameras(front and back). Clicking photo is a simple process but lacks quality since iPod does not have the HD feature available in the iPhone. The solution to this problem is provided by the Adobe Photoshop Express, an app containing a variety of post processing tools like crop, straighten, rotate. There are also options to tinker around with the brightness and exposure. The effects and border toolbar adds a proffesional touch to each of the photo. So next time you take a picture,spend two minutes with this software before mailing it or uploading it and see the instant increase in “likes”. If you are lucky people might even end up asking you, “which DSLR do you own?”
3. THC
This is a highly recommended app for the Hindu Crossword lovers.Created by an Indian as part of the Fundoo Research group,it downloads the Hindu Crossword and stores it in the cache. The interactive platform is neat, where each clue can be handled separately in a list format and the grid gets filled automatically, viewed by clicking the grid button. Apart from these, there are links to many online dictionaries and the latest handle publishes the result to Facebook using the FB Hindu Crossword application. Internet connectivity is required only to download the crossword and once downloaded it stays until deleted.
4. VLC
The world’s most famous open source video playing monster is available as an app.The default video player provided by Apple requires conversion of each media file using iTunes and is rather time favorite. Once you have installed the VLC app you just have to copy any video file into this app using iTunes and you have your favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ episode just a touch away.
5. PocketCAS
As engineers, Matlab has snatched our mathematical skills and we are handicapped when there is a problem in front of us and no device to solve it. PocketCAS reduces this situation a wee bit by bringing to you some computational tool on your hand-held device. This can calculate functions, plot them and do much more. Like Matlab, it needs a thorough read of the lessons and tutorial before you can take a plunge and solve the next big solution to life.
This is just a sneak peak. You can get more reviews, tips and tricks on iPod Touch apps by following the author on Twitter : @siddkk