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India @1.21 billion

With the birth of “Nargis” , the symbolic 7th billionth  child, its high time we meticulously make  further move to allay the unwanted accompanying side effects of the growing population. We are 1.21 billion and will cross China (1.32 billion ) by 2025, according to UNPF . This means that there will be enormous pressure on our finite resources. Facts like 51 children are born every minute in our country out of which 11 are born in U.P which ranks low on HDI are more frightening. Still today , children die of malnutrition and disease like malaria, tuberculosis , diarrhea etc(which are totally preventable) only because they don’t have access to the health facilities either due to lack of information and their rights or illiteracy or communication gap between govt and public.. It induces high stress on Indian planners to carve out policies so that each and every  person breathing should have access to health, education, sanitation, house and job without igniting environmental crisis and lighting climate change .

On other hand, India has opportunity to use its “demographic dividend” so called young bulge to grow rich and rise high on HDI as 50% of population is under 25 yrs of age. But the clock is ticking fast. By 2025 the number of dependents would have risen and mortality rate would have decreased . India is in the complex segment of this story as elderly women way outnumber the elderly men and majority of them are uneducated which poses altogether a new problem. From 80 million elderly people in 2001 , 2026 will have 173 million elderly people.

 Consoling ourselves with declining growth is of no use. Appalling facts like sex ratio has drastically reduced from 923 to 914(census 2011) will lay a profound influence in coming days.

 Efforts like right to education and various other welfare schemes in concern with health, education etc will not bear fruit until not implemented with heart and soul.. Policies on aging should also figure in our priority list. Prevention is better than  cure. Timely action is required before our potent 1.21 billion population turn into benumbing 1.21 billion  . So that every child like “Nargis” has a secured fate in India and should not be at mercy of luck as to which house she is born in.


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