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Google+ – The Next Social Storm?

To all those people who are still hanging on to facebook and twitter swearing their loyalty, I have just one question “Remember ORKUT?”

If you are still not convinced read on, if you are I strongly recommend you to read on…


 I guess the makers of google+ are more than aware of the power of facebook and twitter and they have gone out of their way to market and publicise Google+! Here are some of the stratergies they’ve used:

Google +1 : Thought of and underestimated as an equivalent to a like, this tool is far more powerful! Google is playing its strengths hard. ONE THING THAT GOOGLE HAS and FACEBOOK DOES NOT –link to the most successful search engine! If you give a +1 to a link or article, when your friends search google logged into their account, the article is given preference in the search results display!

Enhancements:  A fellow tweeter once remarked (or should I say twemarked?) “yes, #fb is just enhanced version of #orkut but #twitter is not for every other person : )” Though I’m completely in agreement with the latter part of the tweet, I have to vehemently agree with him on the first part! Google plus has perhaps taken an inspiration along similar lines and given users what facebook offers and more (read circles, privacy and google+1)!

Merging and Improvising:  While offering sharing and “+1’’ing like facebook, perhaps the Google+ circles were inspired from twitter – the idea behind followers and following!

Shifting friend circles: While already existing facebook social networking friends groups might have been a hurdle for Google+, facebook kind of unknowingly handed out the solution to Google a long time ago – the facebook friend exporter! Googlers can just export their friends list to Google and start Google+ing! Elegant huh? Not so much for facebook though!

Creating artificial demand: While all other strategies are visible in plain view, this one lurks in the shadows. As the entries into google+ has been limited to an “invites only” circle of people, there is a hype about getting invites and with the invites not getting sent to a few (among who are some of my unfortunate friends) the suspense is building and with all the above features i doubt if there will be disappointment!

WHY THE <BEEP> should i shift to Google+? : If you are still asking this question,  Nick O’Neil offers a simple but effective answer in  – “Google already has more users than Facebook, over one billion. They aren’t going to suddenly leave Facebook in droves, they’re just going to spend more time on all the sites in Google’s network. That big notifications box in the top right of all Google sites is the reason why!”

Google has played its cards well indeed and perhaps, struck gold! Who is to say! ;)

And if you still don’t agree, i’ve got just two words – “dream on!” J