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Man Behind The Mask

Yech!!!! How can you possibly listen to this noise???  The only sound that hides my mother’s shrill voice is the music blaring out of the vehicle’s sub woofers that my mother slowly dims down. “It isn’t noise ma…Its poetry” I retort thinking about a specific scene in the movie “Its A Boy Girl Thing”. Basically its rap and by rap I mean Eminem.

Marshall Mathers, a young timid boy in violent detroit, grows up under all the worst circumstances possible. His father ran away just after he was born, leaving his unemployed mother to take care of him and bring him up. His mother, doing menial jobs under depression,  got pulled into the world of drugs. This exposed young Marshall to alcohol, drugs and many other such activities that kids his age wouldn’t have been doing in another 10 years. With this very sad background Marshall looks only towards Rap as his window of opportunity. As a Caucasian he found it very hard to get a hold in the Rap industry because people just didn’t like the idea despite his god given talent. But then he finally meets Dr. Dre, a music producer, who takes him under his wing and transforms this timid boy into the idol he is now.

Even now Marshall (a.k.a Eminem) faces a lot of law suits and various other problems for the songs that he has made. But he still holds strong and pours out his emotions into our heads through his body rocking beats synched with lyrics that blow our minds away. I do agree  that his songs do have a large sense of vulgarity in them, but that just adds to the charm of a grown up man shouting out how he feels at the world without thinking about the consequences. To those who haven’t listened to even a single song of his, though it is impossible now, give it a whirl. His songs are just too awesome to stop listening even with any form of distraction.