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CARTOON NETWORK…Does it ring a long lost tiny bell in our minds?Does it transport us back to the days when each one of us were transfixed to the television as if spell-bound,with our senses totally dormant to the things happening around us?Does it make us crave for the all-so colorful,adventurous and wonderful episodes of 24-hr cartoons?


The once so-vibrant and magnificent CARTOON NETWORK which featured a huge and a wide variety of cartoons such that its might couldn’t be challenged by any other cartoon channels is now-HISTORY-A LOST LEGEND!
I wonder if kids of the present times (reading this article) will consider this article of any worth because of the not-so-famous-now Cartoon Network.Will they ever understand the true feeling of losing one’s  senses and getting engrossed in Cartoon Network-
-where the ADAM’S FAMILY boast about their weird family habits
-where SCOOBY and SHAGGY tremble to death while solving a mystery and yet, they manage to be the saviors of their companions.
-where POWERPUFF GIRLS save townsville from monkey villain mojo jojo
-where DEXTER gets pissed off due to the scientific accidents caused by his meddlesome sister deedee.
-where FLINTSTONES and JETSONS offer a total contrast to each others’ lifestyles.
-where TOM AND JERRY never pass a day without a chase
-where ED,EDD,EDDY always act as silly and as stupid as possible
-where POPEYE excellently marketed spinach
-where JOHNNY BRAVO flirted with as many girls as possible,most importantly ended up with slaps and thrashes.
-where CAPTAIN PLANET inspired us to be eco-friendly
-where TOP CAT showed us that garbage dumps could be as fine as luxurious homes
-where COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG showed that one’s names does not reflect one’s true personality.


It was definitely a NETWORK.The cartoon characters and the kids were totally connected.
It portrayed a world of fantasy with wit and humor, spreading the message of love and peace. Blood, Hatred and Violence were always kept OUT OF THE DOOR.
Now, tables have turned and these occupy the front row.The cartoons featured now do not end without bloodshed or feeling of hatred. They involve violence in some way or the other and seem to mimic the action packed commercial movies. How will this in any way boost the morale of children?
Classic cartoon network taught us to make fun,
Current cartoon network teaches them to take gun.
The current cartoon network calls itself  ‘futuristic’. Futuristic indeed! Futuristic in terms of introducing kids to the dry and boring mechanical world of manmade robots and machines and a cliche of robot wars and destruction.There is absolutely no variety in the themes and content of the cartoons featured currently. Usage of vibrant colors has started to recede and they have become more of greys and  silvers as opposed to reds,oranges,greens,blues and purples which is found to stimulate creativity in our brains.


Cartoons like scooby doo, popeye,dexter and powerpuff girls were the building blocks of cartoon network. It is pathetic to see that these which proved to be the pillars of a great empire are no longer aired on cartoon network.The current cartoon network has lost its variety and I feel sorry for the kids of the present times who will never get a chance to feel the magnificence of classic cartoon network.